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"THES X-FILES " Episode Guide
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This page is for those of you that do not watch the X-Files
are interested in becoming a X-Phile.
I will put up information on every single episode made to date.
I hope you enjoy it.



                                  Original Air Date: 09/10/93


                                  Special Agent Dana Scully, a medical doctor and instructor at the FBI Academy
                                  in Virginia, receives instructions to report to Chief Scott Blevins in Washington.
                                  Blevins assigns Scully to investigate--and debunk--an unassigned project dubbed
                                  "The X-Files," a burial ground for mysterious, unsolved FBI cases linked to the

                                  Scully is instructed to contact Fox Mulder, an agent who has become obsessed
                                  with investigating the otherwise forgotten X-File cases. Mulder displays a
                                  particular interest in a series of mysterious deaths scattered across the United
                                  States linked by one common clue: two strange red marks on the victims' skin.

                                  Mulder and Scully fly to Bellefleur, Oregon, to investigate the death of Karen
                                  Swenson, a high school student who died mysteriously, and whose corpse is
                                  marked with two red welts. The agents exhume the body of Ray Soames, one of
                                  Karen's classmates. When Soames' casket is opened, however, a strange
                                  humanoid carcass is discovered inside. The corpse turns out to be that of an
                                  orangutan, and X-rays reveal an unidentified metal object implanted in the
                                  creature's nasal cavity.

                                  Mulder and Scully question Billy Miles and Peggy O'Dell, classmates of
                                  Swenson and Soames who were injured in an automobile accident and have
                                  since been institutionalized. Miles has been reduced to a near vegetable state,
                                  while O'Dell has been confined to a wheelchair. O'Dell suddenly becomes violent,
                                  and in the struggle to subdue her, two red marks are discovered on her skin.

                                  While searching the field where Karen Swenson met her fate, the agents are
                                  confronted by a detective who orders them off the premises. The pair comply, but
                                  as they drive along the highway, they are blinded by a strange light from the sky.
                                  The light drains the energy from their car, bringing it to a halt. Mulder looks at his
                                  watch and realizes nine minutes cannot be accounted for.

                                  The pair return to their motel where Mulder tells Scully that his interest in the
                                  X-Files stems from his childhood when his sister, who was then eight years old,
                                  was abducted from their bedroom while he slept. Mulder says that he could not
                                  recall any of the incident until placed under hypnosis years later.

                                  An anonymous phone call tips the agents that Peggy O'Dell was killed as she
                                  ran along the highway. While investigating the incident, the agents are informed
                                  that the autopsy bay was vandalized. They return to the hotel to find their rooms
                                  have been set ablaze, destroying all evidence gathered in the case.

                                  The agents are confronted by Theresa Nemman, daughter of the coroner who
                                  originally performed the autopsies on the victims. She admits she too bears the
                                  red marks on her skin, and describes how a bright light appeared in the sky the
                                  evening she was hanging out with her friends Billy Miles and Peggy O'Dell.

                                  Mulder hypothesizes that Billy Miles is under the control of an alien force. He
                                  adds his belief that Billy killed Peggy O'Dell. The agents return to the forest
                                  hoping to gather more evidence. Detective Miles attempts to stop them, and both
                                  he and Mulder witness Billy carrying Theresa to the spot in the woods where the
                                  other bodies had been found. A mysterious light illuminates Billy, and a strong
                                  wind swirls around him. Moments later the light fades and the winds die, and
                                  Billy stands over Theresa not knowing where he is or how he got there. The welts
                                  having vanished from his skin.

                                  After returning to Washington, Scully gives her report. Much to the surprise of her
                                  supervisors, the metal object removed from the corpse was not destroyed with all
                                  of the other evidence. Scully kept it on her person and turns it into them as the
                                  single remaining piece of physical evidence of what had transpired. The metal
                                  object is taken by The Cigarette-Smoking Man and filed away alongside several
                                  others inside a massive government warehouse in the basement of the Pentagon.


                                  Original Air Date: 9/17/93

Mulder and Scully investigate the strange disappearance of Lieutenant Colonel
                                  Robert Budahas, a test pilot for the military who experienced a psychotic
                                  episode and was supposedly hospitalized for treatment. Mulder suspects that
                                  Budahas may have met the same fate as six other pilots who mysteriously
                                  vanished from Ellens Air Base while participating in experimental aircraft test
                                  flights. Mulder hints to Scully that the disappearance may be linked to the
                                  paranormal-classifying it as an "X-File" case.

                                  Mulder is approached by a mysterious man--dubbed "Deep Throat"--who advises
                                  that the investigation be dropped. However, Mulder and Scully ignore the advice
                                  and interview Mrs. Budahas, who describes her husband's unpredictable
                                  behavior, strange skin rash and aversion to discussing this work on the military's
                                  top secret projects. The agents theorize the pilots may have been associated
                                  with Project Aurora, a code name given the Pentagon's secret testing of
                                  sub-orbital spy craft. Aided by tips from reporter Paul Mossinger and UFO buff
                                  Ladonna, the agents stake out a fenced area near the base. That night, Mulder
                                  and Scully watch in amazement as two brightly lit objects shoot through the
                                  night sky maneuvering at incredibly speed. The agents give chase when two
                                  teenagers, Emil and Zoe, are spotted climbing through a hole from the opposite
                                  side of the fence. Soon the hunters become the hunted when a helicopter from
                                  the base bears down on the group. The foursome escape, retreating to a
                                  restaurant where Zoe and Emil recount tales of watching the light show.

                                  Mulder tells a disbelieving Scully that the military may be flying planes built using
                                  technology from a UFO. Mrs. Budahas phones the agents at their hotel when her
                                  husband suddenly reappears. The Lieutenant Colonel, however cannot remember
                                  any details having to do with his past and the military. Mulder tells Scully he
                                  believes Budahas' memory has somehow been drained, and that he--like the
                                  other missing pilots who tested the mysterious aircraft--are physiologically
                                  incapable of dealing with the stress created during the flights.

                                  The agents are approached by men who seize their evidence and order them to
                                  leave town. Mulder instead returns to the base, and using Emil and Zoe as
                                  guides, climbs through the hole in the fence. Alone on the base, Mulder is
                                  spotted by an apparent UFO and taken prisoner by base security that suddenly
                                  arrives. He is then sedated and treated by mysterious figures acting as doctors.

                                  Scully is attacked by Mossinger, who she discovers has been working for the
                                  military all along. Scully overpowers him, taking him hostage at gunpoint. She
                                  uses Mossinger to find Mulder, and when she learns he is in custody of the
                                  military, trades Mossinger in return for Mulder. When he is returned to her, he is
                                  unable to recall his encounter with the UFO or what happened while he was on
                                  the base seemingly because of the treatment they gave him.

                                  Back in Washington, Mulder is once again approached by Deep Throat while
                                  jogging. Deep Throat warns Mulder that the agents have chosen a very
                                  dangerous path and their lives are in danger now that they know the truth about
                                  the existence of extraterrestrial life.


                                  Original Air Date: 09/24/93


                                                                                  #1x02  09.24.93

                                  FBI Agent Tom Colton describes to Scully a series of murders he believes were
                                  committed by a serial killer. The victims were all murdered inside locked or
                                  secured rooms. Each had their liver ripped out of their body.

                                  Despite Colton's discomfort, Mulder is brought onto the case. Mulder finds
                                  strange humanoid fingerprints at the high-security office building where
                                  businessman George Usher was murdered. Mulder links the prints to similar
                                  killings that occurred in the United States every thirty years, going back to at
                                  least 1903. In each occurrence, five victims had their livers torn out.

                                  Instead of combining forces, Scully and Mulder decide to take different avenues
                                  of investigating the case: Scully the traditional; Mulder the unorthodox. At the
                                  scene of the Usher murder, Mulder assures Scully that the suspect would not
                                  return, having already beaten the security system. He thinks the killer would
                                  seek a new challenge. But as they talk, Mulder discovers someone crawling
                                  inside an air duct. The suspect, an Animal Control officer named Eugene Tooms,
                                  is taken into custody. Tooms passes a polygraph test, but not those questions
                                  posed by Mulder regarding his age.

                                  Mulder suspects Tooms is the killer. Using a computer, he manipulates the
                                  image of Tooms' fingerprints, elongating them. They are compared to the prints
                                  from 1933. The prints match. Scully is intrigued and re-teams with Mulder on the

                                  Tooms attacks and kills another victim guarded by high-tech security equipment.
                                  Tooms disappears; Scully and Mulder find that his apartment was never lived in.
                                  Scully tracks down Frank Briggs, the sheriff who investigated the five murders
                                  that occurred in 1933. Briggs describes how he tracked the murders until the
                                  present day, but was never able to prove his belief that Tooms was the killer.

                                  The agents locate an abandoned building that Tooms once listed as his address.
                                  Inside they discover a small room containing "trophies" taken from each crime
                                  scene throughout the century. Mulder speculates that Tooms may be a genetic
                                  mutation that hibernates for decades and eats human livers to provide
                                  sustenance. As they leave the scene, Tooms procures Scully's necklace.

                                  Scully arranges a stake-out of the abandoned building, but Colton calls it off
                                  without informing Mulder. Mulder arrives at the building, and finding no undercover
                                  agents, ventures inside. He finds Scully's necklace placed with the other

                                  Mulder races to Scully's apartment and finds her grappling with Tooms. Mulder
                                  draws his weapon and, with Scully's help, manages to handcuff Tooms. He is
                                  taken to jail, where he begins assembling a new "nest.


                                  Original Air Date: 10/01/93


                                  When a teenaged girl, Ruby, is mysteriously abducted from a campsite in Iowa,
                                  Mulder has a particular emotional investment in the case -- especially in light of
                                  his belief that his own sister was abducted. Ruby's brother Kevin has been
                                  behaving strangely ever since the abduction, and has taken to continuously
                                  writing down series of 1's and 0's. Mulder sends the writing to some analysts
                                  back in Washington, and the boy and his mother are promptly taken into
                                  custody. Kevin's scribblings are actually the binary transmissions of a defense

                                  Scully thinks Ruby may have been murdered, and she believes that Mulder is
                                  allowing his personal feelings to cloud his judgment. Yet when the agents return
                                  to Ruby's home, they find Kevin arranging countless pages of binary code on the
                                  floor. When Scully looks down from a stairway, she is shocked to see that the
                                  numbers have formed a giant portrait of Ruby.

                                  Ruby suddenly reappears in the woods and is unconscious. In the hospital, she
                                  exhibits symptoms of having been weightless for a prolonged period of time. But
                                  instead of subjecting her daughter to scrutiny, their mother takes the children
                                  and disappears.


                                  Original Air Date: 10/08/93

                            Mulder and Scully investigate the gruesome murder of Roger Crockett, a
                                  homeless man who was attacked and partially eaten in a wooded area outside
                                  Atlantic City. Mulder believes the death is related to a similar incident that
                                  occurred in New Jersey in 1947, in which a motorist was attacked and eaten by
                                  a half-human creature as he attempted to fix a flat tire.

                                  The agents travel to the Atlantic City morgue to gather more information. They
                                  clash with Detective Thompson, the local police official in charge of the
                                  investigation. Unphased, Mulder decides to perform an investigation on his own.
                                  He interviews Ranger Brullet, who discovered the body, and a homeless man
                                  named Jack, who knew the victim. Both believe Crockett was killed by The
                                  Jersey Devil, a legendary half-human creature that roams the New Jersey
                                  countryside. Meanwhile, Scully attends her godson's birthday party, where she
                                  meets Rob, a handsome divorcee.

                                  Mulder stakes out a dark alley near the woods where Jack claims the Devil has
                                  been prowling. That night, the creature makes an appearance, but before Mulder
                                  gets a good look at it, the police arrive and arrest him, mistaking him at first for a

                                  At the jail, Mulder again clashes with Thompson, accusing him of keeping the
                                  creature a secret so as not to upset tourism in Atlantic City. Scully bails Mulder
                                  out of jail and the duo travel to the University of Maryland, where Dr. Roger
                                  Diamond affirms Mulder's theory that a human being might at birth revert to its
                                  most primal instincts-devolving into a carnivorous Neanderthal. Scully,
                                  meanwhile, goes on a date with Rob.

                                  Ranger Brullet finds another body in the backwoods, but this time the corpse
                                  appears to be half-animal. Mulder theorizes that two such creatures may have
                                  roamed the countryside. He and Scully comb an abandoned building for the Devil
                                  as the police fan out to capture them. Mulder manages to allude police long
                                  enough to locate the second creature, which turns out to be female. She
                                  suddenly attacks and wounds Mulder and escapes into the woods.

                                  Police track the creature and kill it, despite Mulder's plea to take it alive. An
                                  autopsy report confirms the female creature recently gave birth, leading Mulder to
                                  conclude it came to the city in search of food scraps for its young after its mate
                                  died. Some time later, a feral child peeks out from a small den as hikers pass


                                  Original Air Date: 10/22/93

                                  .Officials from a mysterious government agency question Mulder and Scully about
                                  two recently discovered male cadavers. The victims appear to have died after
                                  their throats were crushed from inside their bodies. When the officials refuse to
                                  elaborate on the case, Mulder feigns ignorance and does not link the deaths to
                                  an existing X-File. He later admits to Scully, however, that he lied to the
                                  government men. Mulder attributes the deaths to psychokinesis-the ability of a
                                  psychic force to manipulate matter.

                                  Without help from the government officials, Mulder and Scully begin an
                                  investigation on their own and trace the murders to Philadelphia. Working with
                                  local police, they are taken to the crime scene. The agents realize a security
                                  camera at a nearby automated bank machine may have recorded the murders.

                                  They find footage of the victims accosting Lauren Kyte, an employee of HTG
                                  Industrial Technologies. Working with bank records, the agents access Lauren's
                                  home address and pay her a visit. Lauren claims the men tried to grab her
                                  paycheck and she fled, escaping without injury. Coming up empty-handed, the
                                  agents get into their car and prepare to drive away. Suddenly, the vehicle snaps
                                  into reverse at full speed. It careens down a street and collides with another car.
                                  Mulder and Scully escape with minor injuries. Mulder tells Scully that he believes
                                  Lauren was somehow responsible for the mishap.

                                  While surveying Lauren's house, Mulder accidentally photographs a strange
                                  image at her window. Using computer enhancement, the image turns out to be
                                  the form of Lauren's dead boss, Howard Graves.

                                  Lauren is attacked in her home by two hit men. Before the assailants can harm
                                  Lauren, a mysterious force intervenes and kills them. Mulder and Scully arrive
                                  shortly thereafter and detain her for questioning. Lauren finally confesses the
                                  incredible truth: her boss, Howard Graves, was murdered by co-worker Robert
                                  Dorland after he threatened to expose HTG Technologies for selling restricted
                                  parts to Isfahan terrorists. Graves' spirit returned from the dead, and has been
                                  protecting her ever since.

                                  The F.B.I. raids HTG Technologies, hoping to uncover evidence of the illegal parts
                                  sales. When the agents come up empty-handed, Graves' psychic force
                                  materializes and rips a hole in the wall of Dorland's office, exposing a hidden
                                  diskette. The U.S. Attorney's office uses the new evidence to prosecute Dorland.


                                  Original Air Date: 10/29/93

Mulder and Scully are approached by Special Agent Jerry Lamana, who is on
                                  probation for mishandling an important case. Lamana explains that he has been
                                  assigned to investigate the murder of Benjamin Drake, the CEO of a Fortune 500
                                  company called Eurisko. Drake was electrocuted when he fell victim to an
                                  elaborate boobytrap devised by someone with intimate knowledge of the Central
                                  Operating System (COS) at Eurisko's high rise headquarters. Afraid of
                                  mishandling yet another important case, Lamana successfully lobbies Mulder
                                  and Scully's expertise.

                                  The agents are told by Peterson, the Eurisko building's system engineer, that
                                  one of the few people who has access to the building's sophisticated control
                                  center is Brad Wilczek, the 30-year-old founder of the company and Drake's arch
                                  enemy. Using a voice analyzer, Scully determines that Wilczek disguised his
                                  own voice electronically and telephoned Drake moments before his death...
                                  playing a key role in the boobytrap.

                                  Lamana drives to the Eurisko building to make the arrest. The elevator Lamana
                                  rides in reaches the 29th floor and suddenly drops at fantastic speed, crashing
                                  into the ground. Mulder learns from Deep Throat that Wilczek had been hard at
                                  work on developing a computer possessing Artificial Intelligence - a thinking
                                  machine. Though Wilczek is arrested for the deaths of Drake and Lamana, and
                                  even signs a confession, Mulder believes him innocent. From his jail cell,
                                  Wilczek admits to Mulder that COS is an intelligent machine. He explains that
                                  when Drake made overtures to shut the system down, COS eliminated him in

                                  Mulder convinces Wilczek to develop a computer virus that will shut down the
                                  system. Armed with the virus, Mulder and Scully gain entrance to the Eurisko
                                  building. COS anticipates their every move and turns the building's electrical
                                  systems against them.

                                  With Peterson's assistance, Mulder makes his way to the main control room. As
                                  Mulder is about to insert the computer disk into the system, Peterson pulls out a
                                  gun and demands he stand back. Peterson admits he is an operative for the
                                  Defense Department-a government agency eager for Artificial Intelligence
                                  technology. Scully enters and pulls her gun, gaining the upper hand. Peterson
                                  drops his weapon. Mulder inserts the computer disk and engages the virus. COS
                                  shuts down forever... or does it?


                                  Original Air Date: 11/05/93

Mulder and Scully view a videotape recorded by two geophysicists who were part
                                  of the Antarctic Ice Core Project, a scientific expedition sanctioned by the United
                                  States Government. Their mission was to drill deep into the Arctic ice and collect
                                  core samples that date the Earth's climate as far back as the Dawn of Man.
                                  Something went wrong during the expedition, leaving the team dead and the two
                                  geophysicists killed by their own hand.

                                  Mulder and Scully are assigned to investigate the case. They are teamed with
                                  Dr. Denny Murphy, a geologist; Doctor Lawrence Hodge, a physician, and Doctor
                                  Nancy Da Silva, a toxicologist. The group boards a plane piloted by Bear, a
                                  rugged man who wears a bear claw around his neck.

                                  When the group arrives at the Arctic compound, they busily set about
                                  documenting their grisly surroundings. Scattered around the site are the bodies
                                  of scientists from the previous expedition, all of whom died mysterious, violent

                                  A dog suddenly springs from the darkness and jumps onto Mulder. Bear
                                  intercedes, and in the process of pulling the animal off Mulder, he is bitten. The
                                  dog is sedated, and during an examination, a worm-like organism is discovered
                                  squirming beneath its skin.

                                  Scully's autopsies reveal that the scientists from the previous expedition-except
                                  for the two who committed suicide-killed each other. Examination of ice core
                                  samples leads to the conclusion that the first team tapped into the remnants of a
                                  meteor that collided with the Earth thousands of years in the past. When the
                                  scientists came in contact with the core samples, they exposed themselves to
                                  an alien organism that had remained dormant beneath the Arctic Ice.

                                  When Bear is told his blood and stool samples must be analyzed to ensure the
                                  parasite has not infected him, he refuses to cooperate. A scuffle ensues, and as
                                  the others pin Bear down, Hodge discovers-and surgically removes-one of the
                                  parasites from his body. When the worm is removed, however, Bear dies.

                                  The scientists theorize that the parasite feeds on a chemical that controls
                                  aggressive behavior, leading the first team of geophysicists to kill one another.
                                  Paranoia within the group builds to a fever pitch when a severe storm ends radio
                                  contact with the rest of the world.

                                  Mulder discovers Murphy's body stuffed inside a refrigerator, his throat cut. The
                                  others suspect that Mulder may be the killer and padlock him inside a supply

                                  While performing an experiment, Hodge accidentally mixes blood samples from
                                  two different infected hosts. To his surprise, the parasitic organisms attack and
                                  kill one another. The scientists infect the dog that attacked Bear with a second
                                  worm. It returns to normal.

                                  Mulder convinces Scully that he is not infected. When they exit the supply room,
                                  the pair are jumped by Da Silva and Hodge, who pin Mulder to the ground and
                                  lower the last worm to his ear. But Hodge is horrified when he discovers the
                                  parasite wriggling beneath Da Silva's skin. The others hold Da Silva down while
                                  Hodge inserts the parasite.

                                  The group is rescued and flown to another base. Mulder announces he is
                                  returning to the site to perform more tests. Hodge informs him that the military
                                  burned the compound to the ground.


                                  Original Air Date: 11/12/93

Michelle Generoo, the mission control communication commander for the Space
                                  Shuttle program, arranges for a secret meeting with Mulder and Scully. She
                                  produces an X-ray of the shuttle's Auxiliary Power Unit valve that she believes
                                  was tampered with. A shuttle mission was scrubbed at the last possible second
                                  when the valve malfunctioned, narrowly averting disaster. Where the X-ray came
                                  from, and how the incredibly strong valve could have been tampered with,
                                  remains a mystery, though NASA attributes the malfunction to simple
                                  mechanical failure. Fearing NASA might overlook the possibility of sabotage to
                                  maintain launch schedule, Generoo decided to step forward on her own.

                                  The agents meet with Lieutenant Colonel Marcus Aurelius Belt, a former
                                  astronaut who flew on the Gemini Eight mission and is now the current Space
                                  Shuttle Program Director. Belt insists that because of tight security and the
                                  sophisticated technology involved, it would be impossible for anyone to sabotage
                                  the mission by tampering with the valve.

                                  When the next shuttle achieves orbit around the Earth, a technical problem
                                  develops. Generoo, whose husband is one of the astronauts aboard the ship,
                                  races back to Mission Control in her car. She loses control of her vehicle when a
                                  fog bank forms into a sinister face and rushes toward her windshield.

                                  Mulder and Scully rescue Generoo and return with her to Mission Control. They
                                  find technicians attempting to rotate the shuttle before it overheats and burns in
                                  orbit. Belt orders telemetry signals to be halted, then instructs the astronauts to
                                  fly the ship using the onboard computer. Despite some anxious moments, the
                                  astronauts correct the problem and regain contact with Mission Control.

                                  A mysterious force that resembles the famous "Mars Face" emanates from
                                  Belt's body and floats into outer space. It engulfs the shuttle, creating an oxygen
                                  leak aboard the vessel. Belt orders the shuttle astronauts to don space suits and
                                  deploy their payload. Generoo becomes convinced that Belt considers the
                                  success of the mission more important than the astronaut's lives.

                                  Belt begins having seizures and Mulder and Scully rush to his aid. Generoo
                                  assumes command of the mission and orders the shuttle to return to Earth. Belt,
                                  however, insists that the ship will burn up upon reentry unless it changes its
                                  trajectory by 35 degrees. Generoo becomes convinced that Belt is telling the
                                  truth. She gives the order to change trajectory, saving the shuttle.

                                  Belt suffers another seizure. He jumps from his hospital window, plummeting to
                                  his death. Mulder speculates that when Belt orbited the Earth in his Gemini
                                  capsule years earlier, he was possessed by an alien spirit, and has been fighting
                                  to regain control of his body ever since. The force used Belt to sabotage
                                  numerous space missions. Realizing what was happening, Belt struggled to
                                  correct the alien's sabotage before it was too late. Mulder concludes that Belt
                                  sent the valve X-rays to Generoo hoping to expose the potentially disastrous flaw.


                                  Original Air Date: 11/19/93

Colonel Calvin Henderson is alerted by the U.S. Space Surveillance Center that
                                  radar tracked an unidentified object as it fell from orbit and crashed in Townsend,
                                  Wisconsin. Mulder learns from Deep Throat that Henderson is the premiere
                                  reclamations expert for the Air Force. During the Cold War, Henderson was
                                  assigned to prevent technology from downed U.S. aircraft from falling into Soviet
                                  hands. Now, he is head of a crash retrieval team.

                                  The government officially labels the crash site a quarantined area, attributing it to
                                  a toxic chemical spill. Mulder sneaks past the military units guarding the area
                                  and photographs the wreckage. His presence is soon discovered and Henderson
                                  has him arrested.

                                  Mulder is placed in Scully's custody. She warns that when McGrath learned that
                                  he infiltrated the crash site without prior approval, he recommended that a
                                  hearing be held to discontinued the X-Files project altogether. With the hearing
                                  only a day away, Mulder insists he be given the chance to prove a UFO had
                                  crashed in Townsend.

                                  While held in custody, Mulder meets another would-be spy, Max Fenig, a
                                  member of an organization that tracks UFO sightings. He acknowledges that he
                                  knows all about Mulder, Scully and the X-Files project, having accessed files
                                  through the Freedom of Information Act.

                                  Max's recreational vehicle is a surveillance operation on wheels. He plays for
                                  Mulder and Scully a recording he intercepted moments after the UFO crash, in
                                  which Deputy Sheriff Jason Wright, who was the first person to arrive at the crash
                                  scene and was killed in the aftermath, radioed for fire crews. When the agents
                                  approach Mrs. Wright for information, she refuses to talk.

                                  Dr. Jeffrey Oppenheim, who examined Deputy Wright, agrees to be interviewed.
                                  He examined the bodies of Wright and the firemen, who were also killed in the
                                  moments after the crash, all of whom died from severe burns the likes of which
                                  he had never seen before. Suddenly, the bodies of several soldiers are rushed
                                  through the hospital's corridors, each exhibiting the same burns described only
                                  moments earlier by Oppenheim. Shorthanded, Oppenheim enlists Scully's
                                  medical expertise.

                                  Mulder aids Max when he suffers a seizure. Max blames the episode on
                                  epilepsy, but Mulder notices a diamond-shaped scar behind Max's ear which
                                  Mulder links to UFO abductions.

                                  Before Scully has a chance to examine Max, he disappears from his vehicle. The
                                  agents track him to a warehouse, where they discover Henderson and his men
                                  surrounding the building. Before Mulder can save Max, he disappears in a
                                  blinding blue light, the presumable victim of an alien abduction.

                                  At the hearing, Mulder defends his action as unorthodox, but necessary, given
                                  that the toxic spill was a government cover-up. McGrath's decision to fire Mulder
                                  and terminate the X-Files project is overruled by Deep Throat. He tells McGrath
                                  he likes to keep his friends close and his enemies closer.


                                  Original Air Date: 12/10/93

                                                                                  #1x10  12.10.93

                                  Mulder and Scully investigate when a man named Joel Simmons is found dead in
                                  his backyard - his body drained of blood. Mulder at first links the incident to
                                  mysterious cattle mutilations that have occurred in the United States since 1967.

                                  The agents interview Teena Simmons, Joel's eight-year-old daughter, who was at
                                  home when the killings took place. Teena describes how "men from the clouds"
                                  were after her father. Mulder is somewhat mystified, however, when Teena tells
                                  him the men wanted to "exsanguinate" her father, a word far too complex for a
                                  little girl to understand.

                                  Shortly thereafter, the agents receive word of another, almost identical murder
                                  that took place in San Francisco, in which a man named Doug Reardon was
                                  found dead in his backyard, also drained of blood. The agents are stunned when
                                  they meet

                                  Reardon's eight-year-old daughter, Cindy. She and Teena are identical in
                                  appearance. Teena, meanwhile, disappears from the foster home where she is
                                  temporarily housed, apparently the victim of a kidnapping.

                                  Scully investigates when it is discovered that Mrs. Reardon had in-vitro
                                  fertilization at a clinic in San Francisco. A physician named Sally Kendrick
                                  supervised both the Simmons' and Reardons' IVF program. Kendrick, it is
                                  revealed, was fired from her position after she was discovered tampering with the
                                  genetic material of fertilized ova in the lab prior to implant.

                                  Deep Throat contacts Mulder. He reveals the existence of a top secret program
                                  once run by the United States government called the "Litchfield Experiment," in
                                  which a group of genetically controlled children were raised and monitored. The
                                  boys were dubbed "Adam" and the girls "Eve."

                                  Mulder and Scully track Eve Six to a mental institution. To their astonishment,
                                  she looks exactly like Sally Kendrick. Eve admits that two other Eves besides
                                  herself are still alive. The agents realize that Sally Kendrick was continuing the
                                  Litchfield experiment at the clinic in San Francisco where she cloned Teena and

                                  One of the other Eves kidnaps Cindy. She takes the girl to a motel and
                                  introduces her to Teena. Both little girls knew of the other's existence, and they
                                  murdered their own fathers. Eve is convinced she can raise the girls so they will
                                  not suffer from the mental disorders that drove the other Eves mad. Despite her
                                  conviction, she realizes too late that the little girls, for no apparent reason,
                                  poisoned her drink.

                                  Mulder and Scully are tipped that the girls can be found at the motel. When they
                                  arrive, they find Eve dead. The girls claim the two remaining Eves conspired to
                                  kill them. The agents fall for the story, never suspecting the girls played any role
                                  in the murder.

                                  Mulder and Scully transport the girls in their car. They pull off the road at a diner
                                  so the girls can use the rest room. Mulder orders four sodas, and when he is not
                                  looking, Cindy poisons two of the drinks. Mulder realizes the drinks have been
                                  tampered with and stops

                                  Scully from ingesting her soda just in time. The girls, however, realize their
                                  scheme has been discovered. They play cat-and-mouse with the agents in the
                                  diner's parking lot, but Mulder gains the upper hand and arrests them.


                                  Original Air Date: 12/17/93

                                                                                  #1x11  12.17.93

                                  In England, an affluent, elderly man suddenly bursts into flames while walking
                                  from his front porch to his car. Despite the efforts of those at the scene to
                                  extinguish the fire, the man is burned alive.

                                  Mulder and Scully are approached by Phoebe Greene, Mulder's ex-classmate
                                  and former lover, who is employed as an inspector by Scotland Yard. Greene
                                  tells the detectives about the death of the man in England, and how it is but one
                                  of a series of similar murders aimed at the British aristocracy. Sir Marsden, who
                                  narrowly escaped being burned alive in a similar incident, has temporarily
                                  relocated his family to Cape Cod. Mulder and Scully agree to aid Greene with the
                                  case. Scully, however, is hard pressed to contain her dislike for Greene.

                                  Special Agent Melvin Beatty, an arson specialist, examines the evidence linking
                                  the fires, but is at a loss as to how the blazes were started. Mulder's notion that
                                  it may be attributed to pyrokinetics-an individual's ability to conduct and control a
                                  fire-is scoffed at by Beatty.

                                  Mulder confesses to Scully that he is terrified of fire, and admits that Phoebe is
                                  all too aware of his phobia. He tells Scully he will handle the investigation without
                                  her help.

                                  Unbeknownst to Sir Marsden and his family, the caretaker at their Cape Cod
                                  home is the same man who gardened for the elderly man who was set ablaze in
                                  England. That man, who has murdered the actual caretaker and assumed his
                                  identity, walks to a local bar and sets it ablaze using his pyrokinetic power.

                                  Mulder and Greene interview a survivor of the blaze. They are intrigued when the
                                  survivor tells them that a British man started the blaze by causing himself to

                                  Mulder and Greene stake out an elegant party attended by the Marsdens hoping
                                  to trap the arsonist. After surveying the hotel where the party is given, Mulder and
                                  Greene conclude the arsonist will not strike. They take advantage of their
                                  surroundings for some intimate slow dancing on the ballroom floor. Scully arrives
                                  at the party with information regarding the case. She notices that the hotel
                                  security status grid is lit up, indicating a fire somewhere on the upper level. She
                                  interrupts Mulder and Greene with the news, shattering an intimate moment.
                                  Mulder races upstairs but is overcome with smoke. The caretaker who
                                  chauffeured the Marsdens to the party races out of the hotel with the children and
                                  is hailed a hero.

                                  Scully takes advantage of Mulder's hospital stay to fill him in on her research.
                                  She believes the arsonist uses a highly flammable accelerant, such as rocket
                                  propellant, to fuel the fires. Scully also suspects she may have pinpointed the
                                  arsonist, a man named Cecil L'Ively, who acted as caretaker for two of the
                                  victims. They come to realize that the Marsden's caretaker is the same man.

                                  The detectives rush to the house in Cape Cod and evacuate the family. Mulder
                                  catches Greene sharing a passionate kiss with Sir Marsden, ending his interest
                                  in her. Mulder and Scully encounter Bob/Cecil, who has rigged the entire dwelling
                                  to catch fire. Mulder confronts Cecil, overcoming his fear to some extent. Cecil
                                  rushes down the stairs, where Phoebe splashes accelerant on him and he bursts
                                  into flames. Mulder and the others escape from the house and watch as it is
                                  consumed in fire.

                                  Cecil's flesh regenerates itself, however, and he soon recovers inside his heavily
                                  guarded cell.


                                  Original Air Date: 01/07/94

Scully receives a phone call from her mother, Margaret, relaying the tragic news
                                  that her father died of a massive coronary. Only moments earlier, Scully had
                                  seen an ethereal image of her father sitting in a chair.

                                  Scully returns to work anxious for a new case to keep her mind off her father's
                                  death. Her curiosity is piqued by a report of a young couple's kidnapping near
                                  Jackson University. A similar abduction occurred at another university exactly
                                  one year earlier. The bodies of that couple were later found. Authorities believed
                                  they had been tortured.

                                  The only lead in the case is a man named Luther Lee Boggs, who is scheduled
                                  for execution in North Carolina's gas chamber in one week. Boggs asserts that
                                  he knows who the serial killer is, and backs up that claim by describing a charm
                                  bracelet worn by one of the victims. He alleges that his knowledge is obtained
                                  from psychic transmissions. He makes a proposition: that his information be
                                  traded for a reprieve from death row. Before traveling to North Carolina, Scully
                                  attends memorial services for her father. Captain William Scully's ashes are
                                  scattered at sea as the song "Beyond the Sea" is played.

                                  The agents meet with Boggs at the North Carolina prison where he is interred.
                                  Mulder hands Boggs a small piece of cloth from an evidence bag. Boggs falls into
                                  a trance and describes landmarks near the kidnapper's hideout. Mulder then
                                  reveals that the cloth was cut from one of his own T-shirts and has nothing to do
                                  with the victims. Convinced Boggs is a fraud, Mulder exits, leaving Scully alone
                                  with Boggs. He begins singing "Beyond the Sea," causing a reaction from Scully.

                                  While driving along a roadway, Scully becomes intrigued by imagery described
                                  by Boggs during his trance. She enters an abandoned warehouse nearby and
                                  discovers evidence that the kidnapped couple had been held there.

                                  Police are notified about the warehouse's location. Scully cannot bring herself to
                                  tell Mulder about her father's ghost, or about Boggs' singing. Mulder concludes
                                  that Boggs is in contact with someone involved with the kidnapping rather than
                                  the spirit world. When the agents meet with Boggs a second time he tells them
                                  that the victims are being held at a boathouse on a lake. Agents raid the
                                  boathouse and rescue one of the victims, Liz Hawley. Mulder is shot at close
                                  range by the kidnapper, Lucas Henry, who proceeds to escape on a motorboat
                                  with the remaining victim, Jim Summers.

                                  With Mulder recuperating in the hospital, Scully concentrates on locating Lucas
                                  Henry. She again interviews Boggs, who relives his near-death experience in the
                                  gas chamber when he was saved by a last minute reprieve. It was during this
                                  brief out-of-body experience that Boggs first came in contact with the spirit world.
                                  He refuses to reveal more details of Jim Summer's whereabouts until he is
                                  guaranteed that his execution sentence has been dropped.

                                  Scully approaches the Warden for a stay of execution, but the request is denied.
                                  Left with no other choice, Scully lies to Boggs, telling him his sentence has been
                                  reduced to life in prison. Boggs channels with the spirit world and describes a
                                  condemned brewery as Henry's new hideout. He then tells Scully he knew she
                                  lied to him about the pardon. Scully and other agents converge on the brewery,
                                  rescuing Jim Summers. Henry refuses to give himself up and is killed. Later,
                                  Scully breaks her promise to witness Boggs' execution, struggling even in the
                                  end between her desire to believe and her determination to remain rational.


                                  Original Air Date: 01/21/94

A woman named Marty seduces a businessman at a trendy nightclub. The
                                  couple go to a motel and have sex. Shortly thereafter the businessman begins
                                  convulsing and dies. Before Marty leaves the motel, her physique changes and
                                  she metamorphoses into a man.

                                  Mulder and Scully are assigned to investigate the case. Mulder links the death to
                                  a series of others in which victims died in the throes of passion. Medical tests
                                  reveal large amounts of pheromones in the victim's blood. He also links two of the
                                  murders to a remote town in Massachusetts inhabited by The Kindred-a sect of
                                  religious isolationists famous for their abstinence and pure Christian beliefs.

                                  The agents travel to the rural village, where sect members allow them access to
                                  their community only after they relinquish their guns. As Mulder and Scully dine
                                  with The Kindred, Brother Aaron suddenly begins choking. Scully is forbidden by
                                  the other sect members from aiding Brother Aaron, and he is led away.

                                  The agents perform some clandestine investigating during the night. They are
                                  intrigued by activity emanating from a cellar beneath a barn. Mulder makes his
                                  way inside and watches a ceremony centering around Brother Aaron's body. In
                                  his effort to keep his presence a secret, Mulder becomes trapped inside a crypt
                                  where Aaron's body is entombed in a strange, membranous substance. He
                                  watches as Brother Aaron's body begins transforming into a woman.

                                  Scully, meanwhile, has been pulled aside by Brother Andrew, a handsome sect
                                  member who possesses a mysterious hypnotic power. Andrew tells Scully he
                                  believes the murders were committed by Brother Martin. But before he reveals
                                  how Martin killed, Andrew places Scully in a trance and begins kissing her.
                                  Mulder breaks out of the crypt and rescues Scully before Andrew takes further
                                  advantage of her.

                                  Mulder and Scully are permitted to leave the town. They receive a break in the
                                  case when one of Martin's intended victims escapes harmed, but alive. He
                                  describes how his attacker changed gender right before his eyes.

                                  Police track Marty to a hotel after he/she orders food using a victim's credit card.
                                  Mulder and Scully raid a hotel room and encounter Marty and his latest victim.
                                  Marty flees but agents give chase. Before they can apprehend Marty, however,
                                  he/she is surrounded by fellow Kindred members and dragged into the darkness.

                                  Scully, Mulder and other FBI agents raid the village where the sect lives. But
                                  they find the village completely deserted. The only clue left is a distinctive crop
                                  circle near the barn.


                                  Original Air Date: 02/04/94


                                  Scully and fellow FBI agent Jack Willis stake out a bank after an anonymous
                                  informant tips them that a robbery will take place that day. That tip proves correct
                                  when Warren Dupre and his wife Lula Phillips stage a hold up. Dupre is ordered
                                  to put down his weapon, but instead he shoots Willis in the chest. Scully returns
                                  fire and mortally wounds Dupre. At the hospital emergency room, doctors are
                                  able to resuscitate the badly injured Willis. Unbeknownst to them, Dupre's
                                  consciousness takes possession of the agent's body as he dies beside Willis.

                                  The possessed Willis leaves his hospital room and locates his former body in the
                                  morgue. He cuts a finger off the corpse, removing a gold wedding ring.
                                  Meanwhile, Scully and Mulder begin their search for the missing Willis. When
                                  Mulder learns of the missing ring, he begins to suspect that Willis may be

                                  Willis locates Lula's brother, Tommy, at a seedy hotel. When Tommy claims not
                                  to know Lula's whereabouts, Willis accuses him of tipping off the FBI about the
                                  bank robbery. He sees Lula's photograph being broadcast on a local television
                                  news program and grows enraged. He shoots and kills Tommy.

                                  Willis reappears at the hotel during the murder investigation. He explains his
                                  absence by claiming he wandered from the hotel in a daze and collapsed in the
                                  street. Mulder discovers a fresh fingerprint on Tommy's television set-a print left
                                  by Willis. That evidence mysteriously disappears soon after being given to Willis.

                                  Willis and Scully respond to a tip about Lula's whereabouts. Scully chases and
                                  eventually arrests Lula, but Willis releases her and takes Scully hostage. Dupre's
                                  spirit attempts to convince Lula that he now inhabits Willis' body. Those attempts
                                  are met with skepticism until Willis reveals intimate details about Lula's life.

                                  Scully tells Dupre's consciousness that Willis is a diabetic and that excess
                                  sugar could induce a coma. When a drug store is robbed of insulin and syringes,
                                  Mulder suspects that Scully's location must be close by.

                                  Before Willis can inject the insulin, Lula smashes the bottles. She laughs at
                                  Willis, revealing that it was she-and not her brother Tommy-who tipped off the FBI
                                  about the bank robbery. With Willis now gravely ill, Lula phones FBI
                                  headquarters and demands a million dollars ransom for Scully's safe return.
                                  Analyzing the phone call for clues, Mulder and his fellow agents narrow the
                                  scope of their search.

                                  Willis feigns his death and grabs Lula's gun, pointing it at her. He proclaims his
                                  intense love for Lula, then pulls the trigger. FBI agents storm the house, but
                                  Willis' body succumbs to diabetic shock and dies. Scully is located and released


                                  Original Air Date: 02/11/94

Mulder and Scully are asked by Special Agent Reggie Purdue to aid in the
                                  investigation of a jewelry store robbery. Mulder realizes his old friend Purdue
                                  requested his assistance with the case because of a note found at the crime
                                  scene that reads: "Fox can't guard the chicken coop." Mulder explains to Scully
                                  that his first FBI case involved an armed robber named John Barnett, who left
                                  notes that taunted Mulder about the crime spree. Barnett was eventually
                                  captured and sentenced to life in prison, where he died four years earlier. Mulder
                                  is disquieted when a lab technician analyzes the note and concludes it was most
                                  likely written by Barnett within the last 48 hours.

                                  Meanwhile, Scully and Purdue review video surveillance footage of Barnett's
                                  capture by the FBI years earlier. In the footage, Mulder had the opportunity to kill
                                  Barnett, but hesitated because of FBI procedures regarding hostage situations.
                                  That hesitation allowed Barnett time to kill an armored car driver and an FBI
                                  agent. Mulder returned fire, wounding Barnett. Mulder never forgave himself for
                                  the error. During the trial, Barnett swore he would "get" Mulder.

                                  Scully and Mulder visit Barnett's old prison cell mate, Joe Crandall, who swears
                                  Barnett was alive on the night he supposedly died. He also claims he saw a
                                  prison physician, Dr. Ridley, amputate Barnett's right hand. Mulder phones
                                  Purdue with the news, but during the conversation Purdue is attacked and
                                  strangled. Mulder and Scully rush to the scene but arrive too late. Another of
                                  Barnett's notes is found on Purdue's body.

                                  The agents pay a visit to the National Institute of Health, where they meet Dr.
                                  Austin. He explains that Dr. Ridley experimented on young children afflicted with
                                  a disease called Progeria, which accelerates the aging process and causes
                                  premature death. Ridley lost his license to practice medicine and performed
                                  age-reversal experiments in secret. Mulder becomes convinced that Barnett was
                                  one of Ridley's guinea pigs, and may now sport the physique of a younger man.

                                  Mulder and Scully are approached by the now-ailing Dr. Ridley, who tells them
                                  that Barnett is the last of his patients who is still alive. Ridley explains that he
                                  used a different technique on Barnett. He grafted the cells of a salamander onto
                                  his arm. Those cells grew and mutated into Barrett's new hand. Mulder learns
                                  from Deep Throat that Barnett stole Ridley's secrets on age-reversal and now
                                  wishes to trade the medical information to the U.S. government in exchange for

                                  Realizing that Scully is Barnett's next intended victim, Mulder and his fellow
                                  agents stake out a recital hall where Scully is to meet a friend. Barnett shoots
                                  Scully, but she is protected by a bullet proof vest. Barnett takes a cellist
                                  hostage, but Mulder sees his chance and fires, killing Barnett.


                                  Original Air Date: 02/18/94

                                                                                  #1x16  02.18.94

                                  Mulder and Scully investigate a UFO sighting in Reagan, Tennessee. They
                                  interview a truck driver named Ranheim, who claims he fired his shotgun at a
                                  mysterious object in the sky. Ranheim, however, changes the details of his
                                  story, prompting Mulder to speculate that he has something to hide. The agents
                                  also realize that Ranheim exhibits symptoms of Gulf War Syndrome, an illness
                                  that normally afflicts veterans of the conflict in Iraq. Ranheim claims he is not a
                                  veteran of that war.

                                  After further investigation, Scully discovers that Ranheim's real name is Frank
                                  Druce, a former Special Operations officer in Iraq who had been admitted to VA
                                  hospitals for treatment of his illness. Meanwhile, Mulder receives top secret
                                  information from Deep Throat that Druce was transporting the wreckage of a UFO
                                  that was shot down over Iraqi air space. But other evidence hints that the truck is
                                  a decoy, and that the real wreckage is actually being kept at Fort Benning in
                                  Georgia. Mulder and Scully realize that Deep Throat has been deliberately
                                  leaking them misinformation.

                                  When Mulder confronts Deep Throat, he admits that he tried to lead the
                                  investigation away from the truck. He justifies his action by stating that the
                                  country is not ready to comprehend a closely guarded government secret. He
                                  also confirms that the agents are under constant surveillance.

                                  Determined to uncover the truth, Mulder and Scully resume their search for the
                                  truck. Their diligence pays off, and the vehicle is located on a remote roadway.
                                  While surveying the truck from afar, the agents' vehicle is suddenly engulfed by
                                  an intense light. The truck comes to a stop and the agents open its doors.
                                  Inside, they find evidence that suggests an Extraterrestrial Biological Entity, or
                                  E.B.E., had been inside.

                                  Mulder and Scully suspect that the E.B.E. had been shuttled to a top secret
                                  government facility where a host of UFO sightings had been reported in the
                                  previous week. With the aid of an extreme government watchdog group called
                                  "The Lone Gunman," the agents gain access to the heavily-guarded facility. The
                                  agents' presence is detected and they are taken into custody, but not before
                                  Mulder comes close to seeing the E.B.E.

                                  Deep Throat comes to Mulder's aid. He reveals that after the Roswell UFO
                                  incident in 1947, the most powerful governments in the world signed a top secret
                                  treaty ordering the execution of any E.B.E. that might survive a UFO crash. Deep
                                  Throat reveals that he carried out the murder of the E.B.E., and to atone for his
                                  act, he will continue to leak Mulder top secret information. Mulder is released,
                                  but he remains unsure that Deep Throat is telling the truth.


                                  Original Air Date: 03/18/94

Mulder's curiosity is piqued when Scully plays him a video tape on which the
                                  Reverend Calvin Hartley and his 18-year-old adopted son Samuel hold a service
                                  for their Miracle Ministry congregation. As the tape progresses, Samuel places
                                  his hand on an ailing woman. Scully explains that the woman was rushed to the
                                  hospital, where she died of undetermined causes.

                                  The agents travel to a remote town in Tennessee where Reverend Hartley and his
                                  followers began their base of operations. There they confer with Sheriff Daniels,
                                  who explains his belief that Samuel literally possesses the "touch of death."
                                  Samuel mysteriously disappears, but he is tracked to a bar. Daniels charges him
                                  with suspicion of murder and places him under arrest. At the courthouse, Samuel
                                  requests that the judge not release him on bail, fearing he may again kill another
                                  parishioner if he is let free. But the judge concedes to a bail request, which would
                                  allow Samuel to be released. Suddenly, and inexplicably, the courtroom is
                                  engulfed by a swarm of locusts, which Samule cries is a sign from God that he
                                  must not be set free.

                                  Once Samuel is released, Reverend Hartley pressures Samuel to perform
                                  miracles at another church meeting. But as Mulder and Scully watch, the event
                                  again turns tragic when a Multiple Sclerosis sufferer lapses into a seizure and

                                  A preliminary autopsy suggests the woman, Margaret Hohman, died of cyanide
                                  poisoning. Mulder suspects that Samuel is innocent, and that someone else is
                                  poisoning the parishioners of Miracle Ministries. Mulder relays his conclusion to
                                  Sheriff Daniels, and soon afterward Samuel is found dead in his jail cell, victim of
                                  a savage beating.

                                  The agents return to the courthouse where Samuel was arraigned and find
                                  evidence that someone dumped locusts into the ventilation system. They trace
                                  the insects-and a highly-poisonous cyanide-to Leonard Vance, an accident victim
                                  that Samuel brought back to life. Before Vance is arrested, he has a vision of
                                  Samuel returning from the dead to ask him why he poisoned the parishioners.
                                  Vance angrily reveals his burned flesh and scar tissue, admitting that he
                                  conspired to squash the parishioner's faith in its greatest healer. Vance ingests a
                                  lethal dose of pesticide before the agents arrive at his house. That same night, a
                                  morgue nurse witnesses Samuel walk out of the morgue. His body, upon
                                  investigation, is nowhere to be found. Daniels is later approached by Deputy
                                  Tyson, who reveals that the District Attorney is investigating his role in Samuel's


                                  Original Air Date: 4/1/94

At a remote cattle ranch in the Montana countryside, Jim Parker and his son
                                  Lyle are attacked by a ferocious, wolf-like beast. Hampered by darkness and a
                                  raging thunderstorm, Jim fires his shotgun at the creature and kills it. When he
                                  examines the body, Jim discovers he actually killed a Native American man
                                  known as Joseph Goodensnake.

                                  Mulder convinces Scully to aid him with the investigation, which at first glance
                                  does not appear to be related to the supernatural, but rather, a tragic accident.
                                  They interview Jim Parker, who explains that someone-or something-had been
                                  mutilating his cattle. He insists that he shot a wolf-like beast with his gun-not
                                  Goodensnake. Mulder's curiosity is piqued when he discovers a piece of
                                  translucent skin where Goodensnake's body had been recovered.

                                  The agents travel to Trego Indian Reservation, where Sheriff Charlie Tskany
                                  allows them to examine Goodensnake's body. They discover that Goodensnake's
                                  front teeth are abnormally-long, not unlike that of a wild animal. But the sheriff
                                  refuses Scully's request to perform a detailed autopsy, citing Native American
                                  burial rituals.

                                  As members of the tribe burn Goodensnake's body at a burial ground, Mulder
                                  explains to Scully that the oldest X-File on record was created by J. Edgar
                                  Hoover. It involved a series of murders that occurred in the United States during
                                  World War II in which victims were mauled to death by what police assumed to
                                  be a wild animal. An animal was tracked and killed by police, but when they
                                  retrieved the carcass, they found only the body of a man. Scully insists it is
                                  physically impossible for a human to change form.

                                  Lyle Parker arrives at the burial grounds to offer his condolences to
                                  Goodensnake's sister, Gwen. She becomes distraught and insists that he leave.

                                  Not long after the cremation, Mulder and Scully discover Jim Parker's mutilated
                                  corpse at his ranch. They also find Lyle Parker, lying naked in the mud nearby.
                                  Scully transports Lyle to the hospital for treatment while Mulder and Sheriff
                                  Tskany continue the investigation.

                                  Tskany takes Mulder to the home of Ish, an elderly mystic Native American. Ish
                                  explains that the attacks that occurred during World War II were the result of a
                                  Manitou, an evil spirit capable of changing a man into a beast. Tskany
                                  speculates that because the power is passed through bloodlines, Gwen too may
                                  be a shape-shifter, and she may have killed Jim Parker to avenge her brother's
                                  death. But when Gwen is interviewed, she claims she saw a wolf-like creature
                                  attack and kill Jim Parker.

                                  Mulder and Tskany realize that Lyle may have contracted the shape-shifting
                                  power after he was mauled by the beast. They race back to the Parker ranch,
                                  where Mulder rescues Scully by shooting and killing a wolf-creature. Moments
                                  later, the creature reverts to Lyle's form.


                                  Original Air Date: 04/15/94

Mulder and Scully investigate the disappearance of thirty loggers who were
                                  clearing trees in a remote forest in Washington State. They join forces with Larry
                                  Moore, a member of the Federal Forest Service, and Steve Humphreys, an
                                  employee of the lumber company. Moore and Humphreys suspect that the
                                  loggers may have been victimized by militant environmentalists-or
                                  ecoterrorists-who have waged a campaign of destruction against lumber
                                  companies in retaliation for ruining American forests.

                                  As the group travels along a dirt road, a tire on their 4 x 4 falls victim to
                                  sabotage. Left with little choice, the foursome set out on foot. They discover a
                                  deserted logger's encampment, and hanging from a nearby tree, a strange
                                  cocoon-like object. When the cocoon is cut open, the group finds a grotesquely
                                  shrunken corpse inside. Shortly thereafter, Doug Spinney, an ecoterrorist
                                  suspected of sabotaging equipment, arrives at the camp on foot, his jeep having
                                  run out of gasoline. He warns that strange, insect-like creatures inhabit the
                                  forest, and when darkness falls they descend from the sky in search of prey. The
                                  only thing the creatures fear, Spinney adds, is light.

                                  Humphreys scoffs at Spinney's story, believing it to be a cover for the loggers'
                                  disappearance. Frustrated by Moore's refusal to arrest Spinney, Humphreys
                                  begins to hike back to town alone. Along the way, the tiny insects engulf him.

                                  Mulder, Scully, Moore and Spinney examine a giant tree trunk lying in the
                                  woods. Moore takes a core sample, and finds tiny insects feeding in its center.
                                  This leads to speculation that the once dormant creatures were released when
                                  the loggers cut down the tree.

                                  Mulder allows Spinney to transport the remaining gasoline used to fuel the
                                  cabin's generator to the stalled jeep-which is two valleys away. Moore chastises
                                  Mulder's decision, certain the creatures will attack once darkness falls and the
                                  generator runs out of fuel. Scully panics when millions of the phosphorescent
                                  bugs swarm inside the cabin, waiting for the last glow of a lightbulb to fade.
                                  However, the fuel in the generator lasts until sunrise, keeping one light glowing,
                                  and sparing the group a grisly fate. Realizing they will be attacked come nightfall,
                                  the threesome decide to carry a good tire from one of the sabotaged vehicles to
                                  the abandoned 4 x 4. When they locate the 4 x 4, they are horrified to discover
                                  Humphrey's cocooned corpse inside.

                                  Spinney suddenly appears with the jeep as he had promised. He transports the
                                  others through the forest at a high rate of speed, hoping to outrun the darkness.
                                  Along the way, the jeep's tires are punctured by a sharp metal device Spinney
                                  himself had planted on the dirt road to sabotage the logger's vehicles. A swarm of
                                  insects descends upon the jeep. The group is rescued by military medical
                                  personnel, then transported to a hospital for treatment.


                                  Original Air Date: 04/22/94

Scully is told by her superiors that the investigation of all X-Files cases must
                                  adhere to proper FBI procedures. She counters that the extraordinary nature of
                                  the cases dictates that unorthodox means of investigation be utilized, but her
                                  objection is overruled.

                                  Meanwhile, Eugene Tooms, a serial killer with unusual abilities, is interviewed by
                                  a parole board. Mulder, who helped incarcerate Tooms, testifies at the hearing.
                                  Those present at the review question Mulder's credibility when he claims that
                                  Tooms' murder spree spanned some 100 years, and that Tooms is capable of
                                  elongating his body - a genetic mutation also dictating that he ingest human

                                  Tooms is released from the sanitarium and placed under the care of Doctor
                                  Aaron Monte. Mulder is certain that Tooms will commit another murder the
                                  moment the opportunity presents itself. While Mulder keeps constant
                                  surveillance over Tooms, Scully researches the earlier murders hoping to prove
                                  that Tooms was responsible.

                                  Scully calls on the services of Frank Briggs, a retired police detective who
                                  accumulated evidence surrounding the murders-a series of five killings that occur
                                  once every 30 years. He notes that in 1933, a human liver was discovered near a
                                  then-under-construction chemical plant, but the body of the victim was never
                                  recovered. Briggs believes that Tooms hid the body because something about
                                  the corpse could tie him to the killing.

                                  Scully and Briggs venture to the chemical plant and recover a body entombed
                                  deep inside the cement foundation. Using sophisticated computer enhancement,
                                  a bite mark on the victim's body is matched to Tooms' dental records.

                                  Tooms charges that Mulder beat him up. Mulder is arrested and interrogated. He
                                  vehemently denies the false allegations but cannot disprove them. Scully backs
                                  him up by claiming she was with him when the beating allegedly transpired.
                                  Mulder is released, but warned to stay far away from Tooms.

                                  Mulder and Scully discover the body of Dr. Monte. Realizing that Tooms will try
                                  to hibernate for another 30 years, Mulder and Scully rush to the location where
                                  he had previously "nested." In place of the dilapidated building stands a shopping

                                  Mulder guesses that an escalator shaft is the likeliest place Tooms would have
                                  made the new nest. He climbs inside the darkened shaft, a flashlight illuminating
                                  his path. Tooms suddenly springs out of the darkness and attacks Mulder. With
                                  Scully's help, the agent struggles free. Tooms becomes entangled in the
                                  escalator's gears and is crushed to death.


                                  Original Air Date: 4/29/94

Detective Sharon Lazard discovers an eight year old girl lost and shivering
                                  outside a boarded up storefront. Lazard transports the girl to the precinct where
                                  she is questioned by Detective Barbala. During the course of the interview,
                                  Barbala is suddenly hurled out a window. He falls six stories to his death. Due to
                                  the mysterious nature of the death, Mulder and Scully are called to the scene.
                                  Lazard is convinced that Barbala was alone with Michelle when the tragedy
                                  occurred. She is also convinced that Barbala did not commit suicide. Michelle
                                  tells the agents that another man was present in the room when Barbala died.
                                  The description Michelle provides matches the likeness of Officer Charlie
                                  Morris-who died nine years earlier. The agents question Morris' former partner,
                                  Tony Fiore, who states that Morris was murdered by a gang after a drug deal
                                  soured. In reality, Fiore and an insurance salesman named Len Felder plotted to
                                  kill Morris as part of an insurance scam. When Felder disembarks from a city
                                  bus, his scarf becomes caught in the vehicle's door. As the bus continues its
                                  journey, Felder is dragged to his death. Michelle, a passenger aboard the bus,
                                  stares at Felder's motionless body. After further investigation, the agents piece
                                  together the connection between the dead men and the insurance scam. They
                                  question Tony's wife Anita, who is concerned for her husband's safety because
                                  he did not return home from work. During the course of the interview, Anita likens
                                  the incident to the disappearance of her first husband-Charlie Morris. Scully and
                                  Mulder become intrigued by origami animals found throughout the home, figures
                                  similar to those folded by Michelle. Mulder concludes that Michelle is the
                                  reincarnation of Charlie Morris, who is avenging his murder by killing the
                                  participants. Michelle is placed under hypnosis, but when Charlie's spirit begins
                                  to relive the murder, Michelle's mother Cynthia halts the experiment. A video tape
                                  of the session is analyzed using sophisticated equipment. It reveals an image of
                                  a man in a diving suit. Autopsy reports indicate that Morris drowned, then his
                                  body was beaten to cover up the truth. Mulder concludes that Morris was
                                  drowned in his own fish tank, and the last image he saw was that of the deep
                                  sea diver-aerator. The agents rush to Tony Fiore's house. Inside, Michelle uses
                                  her psychokinetic powers to hurl objects at Tony with great force. Mulder and
                                  Scully gain entrance to the home and calm Michelle, whose powers subside with
                                  her anger. Fiore is tried and convicted of Morris' murder. Michelle's life returns to


                                  Original Air Date: 5/6/94

                                  Mulder and Scully investigate the death of Dr. Ronald Surnow, an aeronautical
                                  scientist, who was developing a jet engine that could double supersonic speeds
                                  using half the fuel. Surnow was sucked into the engine when he became trapped
                                  inside a wind tunnel. Surnow's colleagues, Drs. Keats and Nollette, tell the
                                  agents that another member of the team, Arthur Gamble, died in a car accident
                                  not long ago.

                                  The agents interview Roland Fuller, a mentally-challenged janitor, who was the
                                  only other person inside the lab at the time of the incident. Mulder is intrigued by
                                  Roland's ability to manipulate complex numbers. However, his attempt to link
                                  Roland's handwriting with some unidentified equations on a blackboard at the lab
                                  prove unsuccessful.

                                  Shortly thereafter, Roland murders Keats by forcing his head into a vat of liquid
                                  nitrogen and smashing his frozen skull. The agents investigate, and realize that
                                  after Keats was murdered, the perpetrator gained access to a computer file that
                                  belonged to the late Arthur Gamble. During a visit to the cryogenics lab where
                                  Gamble's head is preserved, they also discover that Gamble and Roland are
                                  identical twins.

                                  Mulder arranges for constant surveillance of Nollette-who is most likely to be the
                                  next victim-after Roland disappears. Mulder speculates that the twin brothers
                                  share a psychic connection, and that Gamble is controlling Roland. Nollette
                                  overhears Mulder's theory and sabotages Gamble's cryogenic unit.

                                  Roland gains access to a computer terminal and completes a simulation that
                                  pushes the jet model past Mach 15. Nollette suddenly appears, gun in hand. He
                                  thanks Roland/Gamble for solving the equation, allowing him to take credit for the
                                  work. Roland becomes enraged and overpowers Nollette. He locks the scientist
                                  inside the tunnel and starts the engine. Mulder and Scully gain access to the
                                  room and appeal to Roland - not Gamble - to remember the access code that will
                                  shut down the engine. Roland recalls the code and disengages the machine.


                                  Original Air Date: 5/13/94

Mulder receives a cryptic tip from Deep Throat regarding an incident in which a
                                  fugitive eluded police after a high speed chase. During the escape, the suspect
                                  was shot and wounded by police before he fell into a lake. Despite many hours of
                                  dredging, the fugitive's body is not recovered. After some investigating, Mulder
                                  realizes that someone deliberately switched the car the suspect was driving with
                                  another vehicle.

                                  The agents trace the original car to a Dr. Berube, a scientist who is not eager to
                                  cooperate with the FBI investigation. With the puzzling case at a dead end,
                                  Mulder prepares to give up. Yet Deep Throat makes contact and convinces him
                                  that the case is of extreme importance. Meanwhile, Dr. Berube's dead body is
                                  discovered inside the lab.

                                  The police end their search for the fugitive without recovering a body. When they
                                  leave the lake, the mysterious fugitive resurfaces from beneath the water. Tiny
                                  gills in his neck allowed him to remain submerged for a long period. The fugitive
                                  makes his way to the city, and after attempting to contact Berube collapses on
                                  the street. As paramedics rush the fugitive to a hospital, they insert a needle into
                                  his skin. Suddenly, a rush of toxic gas is emitted from the fugitive's body. The
                                  paramedics are overcome by the fumes and the fugitive escapes.

                                  With the help of Dr. Carpenter, Scully analyzes a flask taken from Dr. Berube's
                                  lab. The bacteria inside is suspected of being extraterrestrial in origin.

                                  Mulder discovers a storage room containing human bodies suspended in a clear
                                  liquid. When he returns to the room with Scully, he finds that it has been
                                  emptied. Deep Throat explains that Dr. Berube had been experimenting with
                                  extraterrestrial viruses. He used humans afflicted with terminal illnesses as his
                                  guinea pigs. The experiment was funded by the US government, but officials were
                                  interested only in technology-not the patients' well being. One of those patients
                                  was Dr. Secare, a friend of Dr. Berube's. When it became clear that the
                                  government wanted Secare eliminated, Berube warned his friend and gave him
                                  his car to escape. When Secare was hunted down by police, he used his
                                  mutation to his advantage and hid beneath the lake.

                                  Scully is stunned to learn that Dr. Carpenter was killed in a car accident. Shortly
                                  thereafter, Mulder locates Dr. Secare hiding in the attic of his house. The pair are
                                  surprised by a government official who shoots and kills Secare.

                                  When Mulder disappears, Scully makes contact with Deep Throat. Deep Throat
                                  arranges for Scully to gain access to a top secret containment facility in
                                  Maryland. Scully steals an alien fetus, and with Deep Throat's help, arranges to
                                  exchange the fetus for Mulder. After Deep Throat makes the exchange, he is
                                  shot and killed by the government agents.

                                  Later, Mulder tells Scully that the government is shutting down the X-files.