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The Springfield Files  hi ya !!
Welcome to My Web Page!there is alot of shit in here, i just thought id warn you:P.This is a little about me.

i am the SPam Mommy.Worship me damn it!!!!!Muahahhaahaahhahahha!!

HI ya.Im Megan.i slay/fuck is really fun.i also go to raves,watch my fave show,THE X-FILES and i love Metal muzic.especially KiTTie.they just plain Kick azz.anyway...i am parcially normal.

oh yeah! my fave hobby is that i like to go hunt down poor little bunnies,drink their blood and then i offer ther cold,dead lifeless carcasses up to teh wiccan goddesses.i guess you could calll that a hobby.

oh yeah! i thought i might add this in.......

*Note :Somet of this is stuff on this page is  NOT TRUE!!Just thought id let all of you know that:P

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