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X-Files : The Movie
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                             The X-Files Movie: Fight the Future
                                     ( Movie Information)

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              North Texas 35,000 BC

              (Two heavily bundled men are shown running through a snowstorm.
              In a cave, they find their lost comrade, and an alien finds them.
              The one man is killed by the alien and while the other one defends
              himself by stabbing the alien, he is infected with the black oil.
              Cut to...)

              North Texas Present Day

              (STEVIE falls through a weak spot in the ground and his three friends
              look down upon him.)

              KID 1: Stevie, you ok?

              STEVIE: I got... I got... [Coughs] I got the wind knocked out of me.

              [STEVIE looks around and then wanders deeper into the cavern.]

              KID 1: Stevie?

              STEVIE: It's a human skull!

              KID 2: Toss it up here, dude!

              STEVIE: No way butt-munch, this is mine. [pauses]
              Anyway, there's bones all over the place.

              [STEVIE looks at the skull, then, looking down, he sees that there
              is a puddle of black oil under his right shoe.]

              STEVIE: What the...?

              KID 1: Stevie?

              [The black oil begins to overtake him, crawling under his skin until
              they meet and cloud his eyes.]

              KID 2: Hey man, let's get out of here.

              [The boys run away from the hole. The camera pans back to show
              that the scene is happening in a suburban area outside a large town.
              Fade to later the same day. Fire trucks pull up to the scene.]

              FIRE CHIEF: [looking down hole] We're going to need a fourteen footer.

              [A ladder slams down onto the bottom of the hole.]

              FIRE CHIEF: This is [static], I'll be acting as the old town HC.
              Ok, in the hole, two down.

              [Two men climb down into the hole and crouch by STEVIE, who
              is lying down in the dirt in the cavern.]

              FIRE CHIEF [talking to radio] TC, you see the boy?
              Talk to me . Jerry, check TC's radio. In the hole.

              [Black helicopter flies in and lands at the scene.
              A man, BRONSCHWEIG, exits the chopper.]

              BRONSCHWEIG [to FIRE CHIEF] Get these people out of here.

              [Four men in biohazard suits exit the helicopter, and carry a
              person-sized container towards the hole.]

              FIRE CHIEF: Initial reports said that the boy's eyes had turned black,
              then I lost contact with my men.

              [The men in suits carry the container, which now has the boy in it,
              to the helicopter]

              FIRE CHIEF: What about my men?

              [The helicopter takes off.]

              FIRE CHIEF: What about my men??

              [Several tanker trucks and semi-trucks pull up to the scene.]

              FIRE CHIEF: What the...?

              [BRONSCHWEIG watches, and then walks behind one of the trucks
              where no one else can hear. He dials a number on his cell phone.]

              BRONSCHWEIG [in phone] It's Bronschweig. Sir, the unthinkable
              situation that we never planned for? Well, we better come up with a

              Federal Building, Dallas Texas

              [Scene begins with FBI agents on the Federal Building roof with dogs
              and helicoptors. Darius MICHAUD is directing the activities....]

              MICHAUD: Found anything yet?

              MAN: No sir.

              MICHAUD: Did you send the dogs through?

              MAN: Yes, but we didn't find anything.

              MICHAUD: Then send them through again.

              MAN: [to other FBI agents] All right everyone, we're doing it again.

              [MICHAUD looks at a building across the street where a lone person
              is walking on the roof.....Cut to the other building where we see
              SCULLY on her cell phone...]

              SCULLY: Mulder, it's me.

              MULDER: Where are you, Scully?

              SCULLY: I'm on the roof.

              MULDER: Did you find anything?

              SCULLY: No I haven't.

              MULDER: What's wrong?

              SCULLY: Well, I just climbed up 12 floors, I'm hot, I'm thirsty and to
              be honest, I'm wondering what I'm doing up here.

              MULDER: You're looking for a bomb.

              SCULLY: Yes, I know that, but the threat was called in to the
              Federal building across the street.

              MULDER: I think they have that covered.

              SCULLY: Mulder, when a terrorist bomb threat is called in, the
              rational purpose of providing that information is to allow us to find
              the bomb. The rational object of terrorism is to promote terror.
              If you'd study the statistics, you'd find the model behavioral pattern
              for virtually every case where a threat has turned up an explosive
              device; and if we don't act in accordance with that data, if you ignore
              it as we have done, the chances are great that if there actually is a
              bomb, we might not find it. Lives could be lost .... Mulder. Mulder?

              (he pops up behind her)

              MULDER: Boom.

              SCULLY: Jesus, Mulder!

              MULDER: Whatever happened to playing a hunch, Scully?

              SCULLY: I know you're bored in this assignment, Mulder, but
              unconventional thinking is only going to get you in trouble now.

              MULDER: What makes you think I'm bored?

              SCULLY: You've gotta quit looking for what isn't there. They've
              closed the X-files. There's procedure to be followed now ... protocol.

              MULDER: Maybe we should call in a bomb threat to Houston.
              I think it's free beer night at the Astrodome.

              [SCULLY attempts to open the door]

              SCULLY: Now what?

              MULDER: It's locked?

              SCULLY So much for anticipating the unforeseen. [Mulder tries to
              open the door and it opens easily, Scully smiles.] ... I had you.

              MULDER: No, you didn't.

              SCULLY: Oh, yeah. I had you big time.

              MULDER: You had nothing. Come on, I saw you jiggle the handle.

              [Exiting stairwell/elevator at bottom floor past a group of children,
              one of which says "FBI."]

              SCULLY: I saw your face, Mulder. There was a definite moment of panic.

              MULDER: You've never seen me panic. That's not the face I make when
              I panic. This is the face I make when I panic.

              [Mulder's face registers no emotion.]

              SCULLY: That's the face I saw.

              MULDER: You never saw that face.

              SCULLY: Yes I did, that was the face. You're buyin'.

              MULDER: Coke, Pepsi, saline IV?

              SCULLY: Something sweet.

              [MULDER heads down to a room containing the vending machines,
              passing a man on his way out. He doesn't see the man double-back
              and weld the door shut behind MULDER. He puts money in the
              machine and nothing comes out. He shakes the machine, then
              looks behind it and notices that the machine is unplugged. He calls
              SCULLY on her cell phone (555-0113). Cut to the lobby, where
              SCULLY is standing.]

              SCULLY: [answering her phone] Scully.

              MULDER: Scully, I found the bomb.

              SCULLY You're funny, Mulder. Where are you?

              MULDER: I'm locked in the vending room.

              [MULDER pounds on the door.]

              SCULLY: Is that you pounding?

              MULDER: Yes, you need to get someone in here.

              [SCULLY reaches for the doorknob, but it doesn't turn. It's locked.]

              SCULLY: All right, Mulder.

              [The camera pans to show that the machine is now open and filled with
              explosives. A timer is ticking down.]

              MULDER: Look, you've got about fourteen minutes to evacuate this

              [Cut back to SCULLY outside of the vending room. SCULLY looks
              down at her watch.]

              SCULLY: Mulder ...

              MULDER: Thirteen fifty-four. Thirteen fifty-two. Thirteen fifty.
              You see a pattern emerging here, Scully?

              [SCULLY looks down and realizes that the key hole has been welded

              SCULLY: Hang on, Mulder, I'm going to get you out of there.

              [SCULLY goes back to the lobby and gives orders to the security

              SCULLY: I need this building evacuated and cleared out in 10 minutes.
              I need you to get on the phone and tell the fire department to block off
              the city center in a one mile radius around the building. DON'T THINK!
              JUST PICK UP THE PHONE AND MAKE IT HAPPEN! [on the phone...]
              This is Special Agent Dana Scully. I need to speak to SAC Michaud,
              he's got the wrong building!

              [Vehicles of all assortments pull up to the building. MICHAUD exits
              a car and begins to hastily walk with SCULLY into the building.]

              MICHAUD: Where is it?

              SCULLY: In the vending room. Agent Mulder is locked in with it.

              [Cut to MULDER staring at the bomb, making an emotionless expression.
              SCULLY calls MULDER and he jumps when he hears the phone ring.
              He answers the phone.]

              MULDER: You know that face I showed you... I'm making it again.

              SCULLY: Mulder, get away from the door. We're coming in.

              [SCULLY and bomb team cut through the door with a torch.]

              MULDER: [to Michaud] Tell me that that's just soda pop in those

              MICHAUD: [looking at bomb] It's just what it looks like. A big I.E.D.
              [pauses] Okay, everyone else clear the building.

              [Everyone leaves the room except MICHAUD, MULDER, and SCULLY.]

              MULDER: Can you disarm it?

              MICHAUD: Yes I can.

              MULDER: We've got less than four minutes to see if you're right.

              MICHAUD: [irritated] Did you hear me? I gave you a direct order.
              [MULDER nods] Now get out of here!

              SCULLY: Come on, Mulder.

              [Cut to MULDER and SCULLY running out of the building.
              MULDER slows and looks back.]

              MULDER: Something's wrong.

              [SCULLY grabs MULDER.]

              SCULLY: Mulder ...

              MULDER: Something's not right.

              SCULLY: There's no time!!

              [They get into the waiting police car. Shot of inside the building with
              MICHAUD sitting waiting for the bomb to go off--not attempting to stop
              it. The building explodes. MULDER and SCULLY get out of the car
              and look at the damage.]

              MULDER: Next time, you're buying.

              Washington DC, Office of Professional Review

              [After the bombing, MULDER and SCULLY are called in for questioning
              by an FBI review panel headed by Assitant D.A. Jana Cassidy. MULDER
              arrives late to the review. Upon his entrance, MULDER and SCULLY
              learn that five bodies were found in the federal building. A boy's, three
              firemen, and SAC MICHAUD. Insisting that the building was empty with
              the exception of MICHAUD, MULDER is forced to wait outside while
              SCULLY presents her narrative. While MULDER waits, Skinner alerts
              him to what is really going on. * indicates that the line is from the
              novelization of the movie, and may differ from the movie itself.]

              CASSIDY: Due to the events at Waco and Ruby Ridge, there is a
              heightened need at the Attorney General's office to place responsibility
              as early as possible for the catastrophic destruction of public property
              and loss of life due to terrorist activities. Many details are still unclear,
              but we're under some pressure from the Attorney General to give an
              accurate picture of what happened so that she can issue a public
              statement. We know now that five people died, in the explosion.
              Special ...

              (MULDER enters, late.)

              CASSIDY: .. Special Agent In Charge Darius Michaud, who was trying
              to defuse the bomb that was hidden in a vending machine, three
              firemen from Dallas and a young boy. Now, I'd like to begin this
              interview ...

              MULDER: Excuse me--the firemen and the young boy, they were
              found in the building?

              CASSIDY: Agent Mulder, since you weren't able to be on time for this
              hearing, I'd like you to step outside so that we can hear Agent Scully's
              version of the facts so that she will not be paid the same disrespect.

              MULDER: We had been told the building was clear...

              CASSIDY: You'll get your turn, Agent Mulder. Please step outside.

              (MULDER leaves the hearing, and SKINNER joins him in the hallway.)

              SKINNER: You don't see what's going on, do you? There's forty
              million dollars in damage to the city of Dallas. Lives have been lost.
              So the story being shaped is that this could have been prevented.

              MULDER: They want to blame us.

              SKINNER: Agent Mulder, you and I both know that if it looks bad,
              it's bad for the FBI. Blame has to be assigned somewhere

              MULDER: If they want to blame someone they can blame me,
              Agent Scully doesn't deserve this.

              SKINNER: She's in there right now saying the same thing about you.

              MULDER: I breached protocol. I broke contact with the SAC.
              I ignored a primary tactical rule and left him alone with the device.

              SKINNER: Agent Scully says that it was she who ordered you out
              of the building, that you wanted to go back...

              MULDER: No.

              [SCULLY enters, having been excused from her hearing.]

              SCULLY: They're asking for you, sir.

              [SKINNER leaves and goes into the hearing room.]

              MULDER: Whatever you told them in there, Scully, you don't have
              to protect me.

              SCULLY: All I told them was the truth

              MULDER: They're trying to divide us on this and we can't let them.

              SCULLY: Mulder, they have divided us. They're splitting us up.

              MULDER: But they're the ones who put us together.

              SCULLY: Because they wanted me to invalidate your work into the
              paranormal. But I think this goes deeper than that...

              MULDER: This isn't about you, Scully. They're doing this to me.

              SCULLY: They're not doing this, Mulder. I left behind a career in
              medicine because I thought I could make a difference at the FBI.
              But it hasn't turned out that way. And now if I were transferred to
              Omaha or Witchita, or some other field office - it just doesn't hold
              the interest for me that it once did. Not after what I've seen.

              MULDER: (in total amused disbelief) You're quitting.

              SCULLY: There's really no reason for me to stay anymore...
              Maybe you should ask yourself if your heart's still in it, too.

              [Skinner returns to summon MULDER for his hearing, and as MULDER
              turns to leave SCULLY, she apologizes, and turns to find that he had
              walked off without his jacket. She calls to him and he walks back to
              her for the jacket with hurt and pain in his face.]

              SKINNER: Agent Mulder, you're up.

              [MULDER begins to walk back to the boardroom.]

              SCULLY: Mulder.

              [SCULLY hands MULDER his coat, which he nearly forgot on the chair.]

              SCULLY: Good luck.

              [MULDER enters the room, and the camera shows SCULLY walk out
              of the FBI building.]

              Casey's Bar, Southeast Washington, DC

              BARTENDER: I'd say this just about exceeds your minimum daily

              [MULDER drinks the entire glassful, and upon setting it down he nearly
              knocks over glasses but tries to catch them.]

              BARTENDER: Whoa, easy there. Gotta train for this kind of heavy lifting.
              Rough day? [MULDER puts his finger to the bar as a sign that he wants
              another. MULDER looks over his shoulder and notices a man at the bar
              watching him] So what is it that you do?

              MULDER: What do I do?

              BARTENDER: Mmm Hmm.

              MULDER: I'm the key figure in an on-going government charade,
              the plot to conceal the truth about the existence of extraterrestrials.
              It's a global conspiracy, actually, with key players in the highest
              levels of power, that reaches down into the lives of every man,
              woman, and child on this planet, so, of course, no one believes me.
              I'm an annoyance to my superiors, a joke to my peers. They call me
              Spooky. Spooky Mulder, whose sister was abducted by aliens when
              he was just a kid and who now chases after little green men with a
              badge and a gun, shouting to the heavens or to anyone who will listen
              that the fix is in, that the sky is falling and when it hits it's gonna be
              the shit-storm of all time.

              BARTENDER: Well. I would say that about does it, Spooky.
              [takes drinks away from MULDER]

              MULDER: Does what?

              BARTENDER: Looks like eighty-six is your lucky number.

              [MULDER takes money out of his wallet.]

              MULDER: You know, one is the loneliest number.

              [MULDER looks over his shoulder again and sees the man is no longer
              at the bar. He then gets up, wavers a bit, then walks to the men's room
              which he finds is out of order. He knocks on the women's door and it's
              occupied. He goes out the exit into the alley and relieves himself (on a
              poster of Independence Day). The man from the bar, Dr. Kurtzweil, walks


              KURTZWEIL: That official FBI business?

              MULDER: What?

              KURTZWEIL: Bet the Bureau's accusing you of doing the same thing
              in Dallas.

              MULDER: How's that?

              KURTZWEIL: Standing around holding your yank while bombs are

              MULDER: [annoyed] Do I know you?

              KURTZWEIL: No, but I've been watching your career for a long time,
              ever since you were just a promising young agent.

              MULDER: You come out here for a reason?

              KURTZWEIL: Yeah.

              [Kurtzweil steps up to the wall and unzips pants, and begins to
              relieve himself. MULDER begins to walk inside.]

              KURTZWEIL: I'm a doctor, an old friend of your father's.

              [MULDER turns back around to look at Kurtzweil.]

              KURTZWEIL: We were in the war together, but his disenchantment
              outlasted mine.

              MULDER: You a reporter?

              KURTZWEIL: I'm a doctor, but I think I mentioned that. OB-GYN.

              MULDER: You've got as much time to talk to me as it takes to
              hail a cab.

              [MULDER and Kurtzweil are outside now, MULDER is raising his
              hand to hail a cab.]

              KURTZWEIL: What's the question nobody's asking? Why that building?
              Why not the federal building?

              MULDER: The federal building was too well guarded.

              KURTZWEIL: No. They put the bomb in the building across the street
              because it did have federal offices. The Federal Emergency Management
              Agency had a provisional medical quarantine office there, which is where

              the bodies where found. But that's the thing ... the thing you didn't
              The thing you'd never think to check. [pause] Those people were

              MULDER: Before the bomb went off?

              KURTZWEIL: That's what I'm saying.

              [A cab pulls up.]

              MULDER: I think you're full of shit.

              KURTZWEIL: Do you now?

              [MULDER enters the cab and closes the door.]

              MULDER: Arlington, please.

              MULDER: On second thought, lets go to Georgetown.
              Let's go to Georgetown...

              SCULLY's Apartment, Georgetown

              [A shot of SCULLY laying awake in her bed, when pounding begins
              on her door. She answers the door to face her partner.]

              MULDER: Sorry I woke you ... Did I wake you?

              SCULLY: No.

              MULDER: Why not? It's three o'clock in the morning...

              SCULLY: Are you drunk, Mulder?

              MULDER: I ... I ... I was until about 20 minutes ago, yeah.

              SCULLY: Was that before or after you decided to come here?

              MULDER: What exactly are you implying?

              SCULLY: Go home, Mulder.

              MULDER: No, get dressed.

              SCULLY: Mulder ...

              MULDER: I'll explain on the way. Just get dressed.

              North Texas (Blackwood)

              [The camera shows a large tent over the area of the hole, and guards
              patrol the area. A helicopter flies in and Cigarette Smoking Man
              (CSM) exits the helicopter after it lands. Cut to the actual entrance
              of the cave. A man in a white biohazard suit climbs up the ladder
              and another scientist helps him remove his headgear, revealing that
              it is BRONSCHWEIG. BRONSCHWEIG looks over and sees that
              CSM is in the tent. CSM approaches.]

              CSM: You got something to show me?

              [Cut to in the cavern. CSM is now in a bio-hazard suit and is
              following BRONSCHWEIG.]

              BRONSCHWEIG: We've cooled the temperature back down to sub-zero,
              in order to slow the development, which is like nothing we've ever seen.

              CSM: Brought on by?

              BRONSCHWEIG: Heat, I think. The subincurrent invasion of a host,
              the fireman, in a climate that raised his temperature above ninety-eight
              point six.

              [BRONSCHWEIG pulls back a curtain in the temperature regulated
              room, showing a man who is covered in goo and is barely alive.
              Something else is moving and growing inside him.]

              CSM: This man is still alive.

              BRONSCHWEIG: Physically, and biologically. [pauses] But he'll
              never recover ... Should we destroy it like the others?

              CSM: No, no. We have to try our vaccine on it.

              BRONSCHWEIG: And if it's unsuccessful?

              CSM: Burn it, like the others.

              Montgomery County Maryland - the morgue

              [Having convinced SCULLY to once again join him on his search for
              the truth, MULDER brings her to autopsy the bodies of the firefighters
              from the Dallas explosion.]

              CLERK: ID and floor you're visiting.

              MULDER: We're going down to the morgue.

              CLERK: That area is currently off limits to anyone other than
              authorized medical personel.

              MULDER: On whose orders?

              CLERK: General McAddie's

              MULDER: General McAddie is who requested our coming here. We
              were awakened at three AM and told to get down here immediately.

              CLERK: I don't know anything about that.

              MULDER: Well, call General McAddie.

              CLERK: I don't have his number.

              MULDER: They can patch you through the switchboard. You don't
              know the switchboard number?

              CLERK: I'm calling my C.O.

              MULDER: Listen, son. We don't have time to dick around here,
              watching you demonstrate your ignorance of the chain of command.
              The order came from General McAddie. Call him. We'll conduct
              our business while you confirm authorization.

              CLERK: Why don't you go ahead down and I'll confirm autorization.

              MULDER: Thank you. [he walks off with SCULLY] Why is a morgue
              suddenly off limits on orders of a general?

              [they arrive in one of the rooms, where a man's body lies on a gurney]

              SCULLY: This is one of the firemen who died in Dallas?

              MULDER: According to the toe tag.

              SCULLY: And you're looking for?

              MULDER: Cause of death

              SCULLY: I can tell you without even looking at him. Concussive
              organ failure due to proximal exposure to source and flying debris.
              This body has already been autopsied, Mulder. You can tell from
              the way it's been wrapped and dressed.

              [Mulder pulls back the covering sheet.]

              MULDER: Does this fit the description you just read me, Scully?

              SCULLY: Oh my God. This man's tissue-

              MULDER: It's like jelly.

              SCULLY: There's some kind of cellular breakdown. It's completely
              edematous. Mulder, there's been no autopsy preformed. There's no
              Y-incision, no internal exam.

              MULDER: So you are telling me that the information on that autopsy
              report is false? That this man didn't die of exposure and flying debris?

              SCULLY: I can at tell you what killed this man, and I am not sure
              anyone else could either.

              [MULDER and SCULLY wheel the body into the lab.]

              SCULLY: You knew this man didn't die at the bomb site before we
              got here. You're saying that this is a coverup? Of what?

              MULDER: I dont know, but I have a hunch that what you're going to
              find here won't be easily categorized or referenced.

              SCULLY: Mulder, this is going to take some time. Sooner or later,
              they're going to realize that we're not even supposed to be here.

              MULDER: We are being blamed for this man's death, I would like to
              know what he died of, wouldn't you?

              [MULDER leaves her to attend to the autopsy and goes to find

              MULDER: (to cab driver): Here. I think this is it.

              [Cut to a shot of MULDER entering Kurtzweil's apartment. MULDER
              begins to look around, flipping through some magazines on a table.
              A detective enters the room.]

              DETECTIVE: Excuse me. May I help you?

              MULDER: I was looking for Dr. Kurtzweil.

              DETECTIVE: You have some sort of business with him?

              [MULDER flashes his badge]

              ANOTHER DETECTIVE: The feds are after him too.

              DETECTIVE: Nice business he has, eh?

              MULDER: What's that?

              DETECTIVE: Selling naked pictures of little kids on his computer.
              [pauses] That is what you're looking for him for?

              [MULDER picks up some books from the bookshelf. One of the titles
              is "Countdown to the Apocalypse", and both are written by Kurtzweil.]

              MULDER: No... [pause] I had an appointment for a pelvic exam...

              DETECTIVE: Hey, you want we should give you a call if he turns up?

              MULDER: No, don't bother.

              [MULDER exits the building, and sees Kurtzweil in the alley. He
              motions to MULDER to come closer. MULDER enters the alley.]

              KURTZWEIL: See this crap? Someone knows I'm talking to you.

              MULDER: (sarcastically): Not according to the men in blue.

              KURTZWEIL: Well, what is it this time? Kiddy porn again?
              Sexual battery of a patient?

              MULDER: They want to discredit you, for what?

              KURTZWEIL: Because I'm a dangerous man. Because I know too
              much about the truth.

              MULDER: Oh, that end-of-the-world apocalyptic garbage you write?

              KURTZWEIL: You know my work? [he smiles hopefully, but
              MULDER just sighs.] I was right about Dallas, wasn't I?

              MULDER: How? How were you right?

              KURTZWEIL: Are you familiar with the Hanta virus, Agent Mulder?

              MULDER: Yeah, It was a deadly virus spread by field mice in the
              southwestern United States several years ago.

              KURTZWEIL: According to the newspaper, FEMA was called out to
              manage an outbreak of the Hanta virus. Are you aware of what the
              Federal Emergency Management Agency's real power is? FEMA
              allows the White House to suspend constitutional government upon
              declaration of a national emergency. Think about that! What is an
              agency with such broad-sweeping power doing managing a small
              viral outbreak in suburban Texas?

              MULDER: You're saying it wasn't such a small outbreak.

              KURTZWEIL: No, I'm saying it wasn't the Hanta virus.

              [Another police car pulls up to the front of the building.
              MULDER and Kurtzweil walk farther into the alleyway.]

              KURTZWEIL: When your father and I were in the service, we were
              recruited for a project. It was biological warfare.

              MULDER: What killed those men?

              KURTZWEIL: What killed those men I won't even write about. We have
              no context for what killed those men, and no appreciation for how it will
              be unleashed in the future. The plague to end all plagues, Agent Mulder.
              A silent weapon for a quiet war. The sytematic release of an
              indiscriminant organism for which the men who bring it on still have no
              cure! They've been working on this for fifty years! While the rest of the
              world have been fighting gooks and commies, these men have been
              secretly negotiating a planned armageddon!

              MULDER: Negotiating with whom?

              KURTZWEIL: I think you know. The timetable has been set. It will
              happen on a holiday, when people are away from their homes.
              The president will declare a state of emergency, at which time all
              federal agencies, all governemnt will come under the power of the
              Federal Emergency Management Agency. FEMA, Agent Mulder,
              the secret government.

              MULDER: And they tell me I'm paranoid.

              KURTZWEIL: Go back to Dallas, Agent Mulder, and dig. Or we'll find
              out with the rest of the country, when it's too late.

              [Meanwhile, back at the morgue, SCULLY'S hiding under one of the
              gurneys as the guards are looking for her.]

              MULDER: (over phone) Scully, it's me...

              SCULLY: (whispering): Yeah.

              MULDER: Why are you whispering?

              SCULLY: (whispering): I can't really talk right now, Mulder.

              MULDER: Scully, listen to me. I'm going home, then I am booking a
              flight to Dallas. I'm getting you a ticket too.

              SCULLY: (whispering): Mulder, I have a hearing tomorrow...

              MULDER: I need you there with me. I need your expertise on this.

              SCULLY: (whispering) Mulder, I'm way past the point of common
              sense here.

              MULDER: This has nothing to do with common sense. Scully?
              [she has hung up on him]

              Dallas, Texas 11:21 AM FBI Field Office

              FIELD AGENT: You're looking for what amounts to a needle in a
              haystack. I'm afraid the explosion was so devastating that there
              hasn't been a whole lot we've been able to put together just yet.

              MULDER: I'm looking for anything out of the ordinary. Maybe
              something from the FEMA offices where the bodies where found.

              FIELD AGENT: We weren't expecting to find those remains of course.
              They went right off to Washington.

              MULDER: Was there anything in those offices that didn't go to D.C.?

              FIELD AGENT: Some bone fragments came up in the sift this morning.
              We thought we had another casualty but it turns out FEMA got them
              from an archeological site.

              MULDER: Have you examined them?

              FIELD AGENT: No. Just fossils, as far as we know.

              [SCULLY enters the room and MULDER notices her. Without motioning
              to her, he turns to the field agent and indicates SCULLY.... ]

              MULDER: I'd like this person to take a look, if you don't mind.

              FIELD AGENT: Let me see if I can lay my hands on what you are
              looking for. [he walks off to look]

              MULDER: [to SCULLY] I thought you said you weren't coming.

              SCULLY: I wasn't planning on it. Particularly after spending a half
              an hour in cold storage this morning. But I got a better look at the
              blood and tissue samples I took from the fireman.

              MULDER: What did you find?

              SCULLY: Something I couldn't show to anyone else. Not without more
              information, and not without attracting the kind of attention I'd just as
              soon avoid right now.

              [The field agent returns with the fossils.]

              FIELD AGENT: Here you are. They're just fossils, and they weren't
              near the blast site so they won't tell you much.

              MULDER: [handing SCULLY a container of bone fragments]
              Here, why don't you take a look at this.

              [SCULLY puts one of the bone fragments under the microscope and
              looks through it. She almost immediately turns to MULDER, who
              takes in her expression.]

              MULDER: You said these came from an archeological site?

              FIELD AGENT: I can show it to you right on the map.

              North Texas (Blackwood)

              [Parts and equipment are being packed up. A temperature-regulated
              transportation container is being moved next to the hole.
              BRONSCHWEIG is directing people.]

              BRONSCHWEIG: I want this container checked and recalibrated.
              I want a steady, negative two degrees throughout the transport after
              I administer the vaccine.

              [BRONSCHWEIG, donned in a bio-hazard suit, climbs down the
              ladder and prepares to administer the vaccine. He pulls back the
              curtain and finds that the body of the fireman has a large hole in it
              and the alien being is gone. He pulls away his headgear to look
              around and goes back to the ladder, starting to climb up.]

              BRONSCHWEIG: It's gone! It's left the body, I think it's gestated.
              [he stops climbing.] Wait, I can see it. [he climbs back down and
              pulls out a syringe and a small bottle of liquid.] So much for little
              green men. I'm going to try to administer the vaccine. ____, I need
              you down here. [One of the men still above ground exits the camera
              view to go don a bio-hazard suit. BRONSCHWEIG puts the needle
              into the small bottle, and draws back some of the vaccine. He looks
              back up, and cannot see the alien. He looks around, and the alien
              appears behind him, and draws its claws. It attacks him, slicing at
              his face. BRONSCHWEIG stabs the syringe into it, and it
              momentarily goes away from him. BRONSCHWEIG staggers to the
              ladder and clutches it.] Help! I need help! [he begins to climb the
              ladder, but the men above put the lid over the hole and seal it.]
              What are you doing?! [The men above cover the clear lid with dirt.]
              What are you doing?! Oh God! [The alien grabs BRONSCHWEIG's
              face and pulls him away from the camera.]

              Somerset England

              [Well Manicured Man (WMM) sits watching his grandchildren
              playing in the garden behind the mansion. One of them falls
              and the others gather around, WMM looks concerned, then is
              approached by a servant.]

              SERVANT: Phone for you, sir.

              WMM: [to phone] Yes?

              CSM: We have a situation. The members are assembling.

              WMM: Is it an emergency?

              CSM: Yes. A meeting is set, tonight in London. We must determine
              a course.

              WMM: Who called this meeting?

              CSM: Strughold. He's just gotten on a plane in Tunis.

              London England

              WMM: Has Strughold arrived?

              MAN: Yes, they're waiting for you in the library, sir.

              [In a small room, people are gathered around a small monitor,
              an image of Mulder and Scully at the morgue is frozen onscreen.
              WMM enters.]

              STRUGHOLD: We began to worry.

              WMM: I'm sorry. My grandson fell and broke his leg.

              STRUGHOLD: While we have been made to wait, we've watched
              surveilance tapes which have raised more concerns.

              WMM: More concerns about what?

              STRUGHOLD: We've been forced to reassess our role in Colonization.

              FIRST ELDER: The virus has mutated.

              WMM: Into what?

              STRUGHOLD: A new extraterrestrial biological entity.

              WMM: My God! If this is true. All our work. They've been using us
              all along.

              STRUGHOLD: We're going to tell them what we've found, what we've
              learned by turning over a body infected by the gestating organism.

              WMM: In hope of what? Learning that it's true? That we are nothing
              but digestives for the creation of a new race of alien life-forms. By
              cooperating now, we are but beggers to our own demise.

              STRUGHOLD: Cooperation is the only chance of saving ourselves.

              CSM: They still need us to carry out their preparations.

              STRUGHOLD: We'll continue to use them as they use us. If only to
              play for more time, to continue work on our vaccine.

              WMM: My lateness might have been my absence. A course has
              already been decided.

              CSM: But there are complications. [looking at surveillance video]
              Mulder saw one of the infected bodies that we've destroyed in Dallas.
              He's gone back there again. Someone has tipped him.

              WMM: Who?

              CSM: Kurtzweil we think.

              WMM: No one believes Kurztweil or his books.

              FIRST ELDER: Mulder believes.

              CSM: Then Kurtzweil must be removed.

              STRUGHOLD: As must Mulder.

              WMM: Kill Mulder, we take the risk of turning one man's quest into
              a crusade.

              STRUGHOLD: Then you must take away what he holds most valuable.
              That with which he can't live without.

              Blackwood Texas

              MULDER: This is where the agent indicated on the map.

              SCULLY: There's no evidence of any archeological site or dig here.

              MULDER: And you're sure that those fossils had the same virus that
              the firemen had?

              SCULLY: Yes, the bones were both porous, as if the virus were
              disgesting it.

              MULDER: And you've never seen that virus before.

              SCULLY: No.

              MULDER: Look at this.

              [MULDER and SCULLY walk over to a playground]

              MULDER: This look like new grass to you?

              SCULLY: It looks pretty green for this climate.

              MULDER: Ground's dry about an inch down. This was laid recently.

              SCULLY: The equipment looks brand new too.

              MULDER: No irrigation system. Somebody's covering their tracks.

              [MULDER and SCULLY spot 3 children on bikes and approach them]

              MULDER: HEY...

              SCULLY: Do you boys live around here?

              KID: Yeah.

              MULDER: You see anybody diggin' over there?

              KID: We're not supposed to talk about it.

              SCULLY: You're not supposed to talk about it? Who told you that?

              KID: Nobody.

              MULDER: Nobody? The same nobody who built that playground,
              nobody buy you those new bikes?

              SCULLY: I think you better tell us.

              KID: We don't even know you.

              SCULLY: Well, we're FBI Agents.

              KID: You're not FBI Agents.

              MULDER: How do you know?

              KID: Cause ya'll look like door-to-door salesmen.

              MULDER: [he pulls out his badge] Here, you wanna buy a badge?

              [After looking at MULDER's badge the kids point, in unison, to where
              the men had gone.]

              KID: They left about an hour ago, that a'way.

              Texas -- en route

              [At a fork in the proverbial and literal road, MULDER and SCULLY
              discuss what they are chasing, and the best course of action.]

              MULDER: Unmarked tanker trucks. What are archeologists hauling
              out in tanker trucks?

              SCULLY: I don't know, Mulder.

              MULDER: And where are they going with it?

              SCULLY: That's the first question to answer if we're ever going to find

              MULDER: (refering to directions) What are my choices?

              SCULLY: About a hundred miles of nothing in each direction.
              We've got two choices. One of them is wrong.

              MULDER: I think they went left.

              SCULLY: I don't know why, but I think they went right.

              [MULDER debates for a moment, and then in a leap of faith, symbolic
              of their partnership, he decides to go neither left nor right, but
              instead forges straight ahead.]

              MULDER: Five years together, Scully. How many times I been wrong?
              Never. About driving anyway.

              [After a long while of driving MULDER and SCULLY stop to look at
              the map. SCULLY gets out of the car annoyed and MULDER quips
              that he was at least right about the bomb. SCULLY details the irony
              of the fact that she has to be back in D.C. for a meeting which decides
              her fate, and she is with him chasing what she refers to as phantom
              tanker trucks.]

              MULDER: I was right about the bomb, wasn't I?

              SCULLY: This is great, this is fitting.

              MULDER: What is?

              SCULLY: I have to be in Washington in eleven hours for a hearing
              that may effect one of the greatest decisions in my life, and I'm in
              the middle of nowhere Texas chasing phantom tanker trucks!

              MULDER: We're not chasing trucks. We're chasing evidence.

              SCULLY: Evidence of what exactly?

              MULDER: That bomb in Dallas was allowed to go off, to hide bodies
              infected with a virus. A virus you yourself detected.

              SCULLY: They haul gas in tanker trucks, they haul oil in tanker trucks,
              they don't haul viruses in tanker trucks.

              MULDER: Well, maybe they do in these tanker trucks.

              SCULLY: What aren't you telling me here? Mulder?

              MULDER: (hesitant) The virus may be extraterrestrial.

              SCULLY: I don't believe this... I don't...

              [As SCULLY was about to comment, a train complete with tankers
              passes them. As a singular unit, no longer squabbling about left,
              right or center, they chase after the train and their truths.]

              A cornfield, domes in the middle of it all, surrounded by desert

              SCULLY: This is weird.

              MULDER: Very weird.

              SCULLY: Any thoughts on why anybody'd be growing corn in the
              middle of the desert?

              MULDER: Not unless those are giant Jiffy Pop Poppers.

              [MULDER and SCULLY reach the domes and upon their entrance
              fans whirl sharply startling both.]

              SCULLY: Cool in here. Temperature's being regulated.

              [They continue through the large open area of the structure.]

              MULDER: For the purpose of what?

              SCULLY: I think we're on top of a larger structure here...

              MULDER: You hear that?

              SCULLY: I hear a humming... Like electricity, high voltage maybe...

              [MULDER bends down, puts his head against the ground and listens]

              MULDER: Maybe... [pause] Maybe not.

              [MULDER continues to listen, the vents in the roof open]

              MULDER: Scully?

              SCULLY: Yeah?

              MULDER: Run!!

              [The vents in the floor open, and hundreds of bees pour out, MULDER
              and SCULLY head for the entrance, with MULDER a sizable distance
              ahead of SCULLY.]

              MULDER: Scully!

              SCULLY: I can't see!

              [MULDER turns back for SCULLY]

              MULDER: Grab my hand.

              [Grabbing her arm, MULDER leads her to the door and the fans blow
              off all the remaining clinging bees. They both run outside of the building.]

              MULDER: Did you get stung?

              SCULLY: I don't think so.

              [A light is seen over the corn crops. Two black helicopters appear
              and MULDER and SCULLY begin to run through the crops to escape.]

              MULDER: Scully! Talk to me, Scully! Dammit! Scully!

              SCULLY: Mulder!

              [They begin to run away from the crops, towards the car.
              The helicopters disappear.]

              SCULLY: Where'd they go?

              Washington DC, OPR

              [The FBI review panel waits for SCULLY, for her reassignment out of
              the X-Files. She enters, after trying to push her unruly hair into place
              and straightening her suit.]

              SKINNER: She's coming in now.

              SCULLY: I apologize for making you wait. I have new evidence.
              These are bone fragments recovered from the bomb site.

              A.D.CASSIDY: You went back to Dallas?

              SCULLY: Yes.

              [While SCULLY is being questioned, MULDER goes to meet
              Kurtzweil at Casey's Bar.]

              KURTZWEIL: Did you find anything?

              MULDER: Yeah.

              KURTZWEIL: What did it look like?

              MULDER: Bees, corn crops.

              [Back at the hearing]

              A.D.CASSIDY: .and you have conclusive evidence of this?

              SCULLY: Well, not exactly conclusive. We're working on
              gathering conclusive evidence.

              [The audience is shown a bee crawling on the back of SCULLY's collar.]

              A.D.CASSIDY: Working with who?

              SCULLY: (hesitating): .with Agent Mulder.

              [Back to Casey's Bar.]

              MULDER: What do you think they're for?

              KURTZWEIL: What do you think?

              MULDER: A transportation system. The crops polygenically altered,
              to carry a virus.

              KURTZWEIL: That would be my guess.

              MULDER: Your guess?! I thought you said you had answers?

              KURTZWEIL: Yeah, well. I don't have them all.

              MULDER: (disgusted): You didn't know my father.

              KURTZWEIL: Look, like I said, your father and I were old friends.

              MULDER: (angrily): You've been using me to get information for
              your god-damned books!

              KURTZWEIL: Lower your voice!

              [Kurtzweil leaves through the back exit. MULDER follows him into
              the alley.]

              MULDER: Kurtzweil? Kurtzweil!

              KURTZWEIL: Listen, you'd be shit out of luck if it wasn't for me.
              I'm putting my ass on the line.

              MULDER: Your ass? I just got chased through Texas by two
              unmarked helicopters!

              KURTZWEIL: And why do you think you're here talking to me today?
              These people don't make mistakes!

              Mulder's Apartment

              [Mulder is sitting in his apartment, a family picture album open as
              he stares at a young version of Kurtzweil at a family picnic. The door
              opens as Scully enters.]

              MULDER: What's wrong?

              SCULLY: Salt Lake City, Utah. Transfer effective immediately.
              I already gave Skinner my letter of resignation.

              MULDER: You can't quit now, Scully.

              SCULLY: I can, Mulder. I debated whether or not to even tell you
              in person...

              MULDER: We are close to something here! We are on the verge!

              SCULLY: You're on the verge, Mulder. Please don't do this to me.

              MULDER: After what you saw last night, after all you've seen,
              you can just walk away?

              SCULLY: I have, I did, it's done.

              MULDER: I need you on this, Scully.

              SCULLY: You don't need me, Mulder. You never have. I've just held
              you back. [pause] I gotta go.

              [Scully goes out into the hall and Mulder follows her.]

              MULDER: You wanna tell yourself that so you can quit with a clear
              conscience, you can, but you're wrong.

              SCULLY: Why did they assign me to you in the first place, Mulder?
              To debunk your work, to rein you in, to shut you down.

              MULDER: But you saved me. As difficult and as frustrating as it's
              been sometimes, your goddamned strict rationalism and science
              have saved me a thousand times over. You've kept me honest ...
              made me a whole person. I owe you everything, Scully, and you owe
              me nothing ... I don't know if I wanna do this alone... I don't even know
              if I can ... and if I quit now, they win.

              [SCULLY looks at MULDER in complete awe. She walks into his
              embrace and they hug, as they are letting go SCULLY pulls MULDER
              down to her and kisses his forehead. Their foreheads rest against
              each other, unsure of how to proceed, unsure of their new roles.
              MULDER then cups SCULLY's face with both hands, and leans in
              to kiss her. As their lips are about to touch, she pulls away.]

              SCULLY: Ow!

              MULDER: [thinking he's done something wrong] I'm sorry.

              SCULLY: Something stung me.

              MULDER: Must've gotten in your shirt.

              SCULLY: Mulder ... something's wrong.

              MULDER: What?

              SCULLY: I'm having lacinating pain in ...

              MULDER: What?

              SCULLY: ... my chest.

              MULDER: Scully ...

              SCULLY: My motor functions are being affected.

              MULDER: Scully ...

              [Mulder gently but quickly lays her down upon the hallway floor]

              SCULLY: My pulse is thready ... a funny taste in the back of my throat.

              MULDER: You're going into anaphylaxic shock.

              SCULLY: No ... I have no alergy.

              [MULDER runs into his apartment and grabs the phone.
              He dials 911 with the emergency button.]

              MULDER: (on phone): This is Special Agent Fox Mulder,
              I have an emergency! I have an agent down!

              [The ambulance and paramedics arrive]

              PARAMEDIC 1: Can you hear me? Can you say your name?

              PARAMEDIC 2: She's got constriction in the throat and larynx.

              PARAMEDIC 1: Passages are open. OK. Let's get her in the van
              right away. Look out. Coming through. Watch your back.

              [Scully is loaded into the ambulance]

              MULDER: She said she had a funny taste in the back of her throat.
              But there was no pre-existing allergy to bee sting. Now the bee that
              stung her might have been carrying a virus.

              PARAMEDIC 1: Virus?

              MULDER: Will you tell that to the doctor?

              Various Paramedics Voices: "... virus ... advise ... reaction ... stat!

              MULDER: What hos ... what hospital are ... [(the ambulance door
              closes, Mulder goes to the driver] What hospital are you taking her to?

              [The ambulance driver just looks back at him. He pulls a gun and fires
              at MULDER's head. MULDER falls. Seconds later, another ambulance
              pulls up. Cut to a scene of a runway. An unmarked cargo plane sits
              on the runway. The ambulance pulls up, and soldiers move SCULLY,
              who is now in a temperature-controlled container into the plane.
              The soldiers leave, as CSM stands in the plane, watching. As the
              door closes, all light is diminished in the camera's view and the
              screen fades out.]

              FROHIKE: What are you looking at?

              LANGLY: His charts.

              FROHIKE: Put it down.

              LANGLY: I'll put it down when I'm ready to put it down.

              BYERS: He's waking up!

              FROHIKE: Mulder?

              MULDER: Oh god. Scarecrow, Cowardly lion. Toto.

              MULDER: What happened?

              BYERS: You were shot at point blank range, the bullet grazed the
              temporal lobe.

              LANGLY: A few centimeters to the left and we'd all be playing harps
              right now.

              MULDER: (shooting up in the bed) What happened to Scully?

              FROHIKE: Scully had a reaction to an Africanized honeybee that we
              found in your hallway. Now, you made a 911 call. That call was

              MULDER: I've got to get that to Scully.

              SKINNER: Easy now, Mulder. Easy. Tell me where she is,
              I'll go get her.

              MULDER: I don't know where she is. But I know someone who might.

              SKINNER: How far do you think you can make it out there, how far
              do you think they'll let you make it, because they'll know the second
              you walk out that door.

              LANGLY: What can we do to help?

              MULDER: You can strip Byers naked.

              BYERS: What?

              MULDER: I need your clothes.

              [Langly, Frohike, and MULDER, who is disguised as Byers, exit the
              room. The guard outside the room looks in and sees Byers lying
              on the hospital bed, but does not realize that it is not really MULDER.
              The three walk down through the hospital as MULDER makes a call
              on his cell phone.

              MULDER: (into phone) It's Mulder.

              Casey's Bar, Southeast Washington, DC - The alley

              WMM: Dr. Kurtzweil, Dr. Alvin Kurtzweil.

              [Kurtzweil turns and runs back down the alley, but a car pulls up and
              a man gets out. Kurtzweil stops. Cut to MULDER entering Casey's bar.
              He looks for Kurtzweil, but does not see him. MULDER exits the bar
              through the back, and looks to the left just in time to see WMM and
              his driver closing the trunk of the car. WMM turns to face MULDER.]

              WMM: Mr. Mulder.

              MULDER: What happened to Kurtzweil?

              WMM: He's come and gone.

              MULDER: I want to know where Scully is.

              WMM: [holding a small pouch] The location of Agent Scully and the
              means to save her life. [gesturing to the car] Please....

              [The driver opens the door. Cut to show the car driving and MULDER
              and WMM talking inside the car. MULDER looks down at a vial of liquid
              and a piece of paper with coordinates.]

              WMM: ...A weak vaccine against the virus Agent Scully has been
              infected with. It must be administered within 96 hours. That leaves
              you little time to get to those coordinates.

              MULDER: You're lying.

              WMM: No. But I have no means of proving otherwise.The virus is
              extraterriestrial. We know very little about it except that it was the
              original inhabitant of this planet.

              MULDER: [unbelieving] A virus...

              WMM: What is a virus, but a colonizing force that cannot be defeated?
              Living in a cave, underground, until it mutates--and attacks.

              MULDER: This is what you've been conspiring to conceal?
              A disease?

              WMM: No. For God's sake, you've got it all backwards! AIDS, the
              Ebola virus, on the evolutionary scale they are newborns. This
              virus walked the planet long before the dinosaurs.

              MULDER: What do you mean walked?

              WMM: Your aliens, Agent Mulder. Your little green men who arrived
              here millions of years ago. Those that remained have been lying
              dormant, underground since the last ice age in the form of an evolved
              pathogen, waiting to be reconstituted by the alien race when it comes
              to colonize our planet -- using us as hosts. Against this we have no
              defense, nothing but a weak vaccine. Do you see why it was kept
              secret? Why even the best men, men like your father, could not let
              the truth be known. Until Dallas we believed that the virus would simply
              control us, that mass infection would make us a slave race. Imagine
              our surprise when they began to gestate.

              MULDER: Why are you telling me this?

              WMM: For the sake of my children. Once it's learned what I have told
              you, my life will be over.

              [WMM looks at the driver.]

              MULDER: Where's Kurtzweil? [pauses and gets no response]
              I'd like to get out of the car now. Stop the car!

              WMM: Driver. [the car stops.] The men I work with will stop at nothing
              to clear the way for what they believe is their stake in the inevitable.
              I was ordered to kill Dr. Kurtzweil, as I was ordered to kill you.

              [Well Manicured Man shoots the Limo Driver in the back of the head.]

              WMM: Trust no one, Mr. Mulder. Get out of the car.

              MULDER: Why? The upholstery is already ruined.

              WMM: Get out of the car! [MULDER gets out of the car.] You have
              precious little time, Mr. Mulder. [MULDER slams the door shut angrily.]
              What I've given you the alien colonists don't yet know exists. The
              vaccine you hold is the only defense against the virus. Its introduction
              into an alien environment may have the power to destroy the delicate
              plans we have so assiduously protected for the last 50 years.

              MULDER: What do you mean, may have?

              WMM: Find Agent Scully. Only then will you realize the scope and
              grandeur of the project. Go. Go now!

              [MULDER starts to walk away, but as WMM reenters the limo
              it explodes.]

              Wilkes Land Antarctica 48 hrs later

              [MULDER is driving a Sno-Cat and the gas gauge keeps flipping down
              to indicate the tank is empty. He taps it with his finger a few times,
              each time the gauge returns to empty.]

              MULDER: Oh shit!

              [He exits at the base of a craggy hillside, climbs up and sees CSM
              leaving one of two domes in a truck. Mulder now races to the station
              through the heavy snow. Just before he reaches the domes, he falls
              through the ice as it collapses beneath his feet and he drops into a
              deep crevice. He lands on a metallic surface or structure covered in
              the snow with a vent blowing out hot air and forming a pocket in the
              ice. Mulder pulls himself through the vent and ends up inside the
              metallic structure. He looks around, and spies a prehistoric man
              encased in ice. He soldiers on and comes upon a huge part of the
              structure, open like an operating theatre in a hospital. At the bottom,
              something catches his eye. Racks of coffin-like cryopods are moving
              as if on a conveyer belt. Mulder slides down another tube to reach it,
              nearly falling off into the abyss below. He reaches the conveyer belt,
              finds Scully's clothes and her cross necklace in a cryopod, and
              watches in horror as the others pass by, all containing frozen
              humans trapped with expressions of confusion and horror etched
              into their faces for all time. Suddenly, he spots Scully's face and
              starts hammering at the ice in a desperate attempt to free her.
              He breaks through, releasing an ocean of goo which encased her
              naked body. He jabs her with the syringe containing the vaccine
              and begins dragging out a tube-like material she had jammed
              down her throat. Just before he pulls it all out, the vaccine takes
              effect and the tube starts to shrivel. It's dying and affecting the
              whole metallic structure as it begins to shake, rattle and roll
              around them. Scully starts to gulp in air as the tube is removed.]

              MULDER: Scully?

              [Up above this action, CSM has returned to the scene.]

              CSM: Everybody down below. We may have a security breach.
              If you're not armed, arm yourselves.

              [Back below, Mulder tries to talk to Scully.]

              MULDER: Breathe! Can you breathe?

              [SCULLY coughs several times. Spitting up what's left of the slimy

              SCULLY: (in a bare whisper) Cold.

              MULDER: I'm going to get you out of here.

              [Mulder pulls her out of her enclosure as he breaks away the last of
              the ice. Next we see her dressed in some of Mulder's clothing,
              dragged away from the pods which are now starting to stir from within.
              The vaccine has affected the whole structure, as the bodies were all
              obviously attached to one creature.]

              MULDER: We've got to keep moving.

              SCULLY: I can't.

              MULDER: Yeah, you can.

              [MULDER carries her to the vent.]

              MULDER: Reach up and grab that vent. Scully, grab the vent! Scully?

              [Scully has passed out. Mulder checks for a pulse then resuscitates
              her with a mean version of CPR.]

              MULDER: Breathe, Scully. Breathe. BREATHE!

              [Spitting up and indicating for MULDER to come closer to her so he
              can hear her.]

              SCULLY: I had you big time.

              MULDER: Grab the vent.

              [SCULLY grabs the vent and pulls herself up. MULDER starts to climb
              up. One of the aliens breaks the pod and reaches out with its hand for
              MULDER. It grabs MULDER's leg.]

              SCULLY: Mulder!

              MULDER: Keep moving, Scully!

              [MULDER kicks it away and pulls himself up. They both climb through
              the tunnel and pull themselves up from where MULDER originally fell
              through the snow/ice. MULDER looks back and sees that the ice is
              cracking. He picks SCULLY up and they begin to run away. The
              cracking ice overtakes them, and they fall back down, but slide off
              of the surface of the rising ship and land on the edge of the newly
              formed crater. MULDER watches the spaceship as it flies overhead,
              his face glows with a heart-melting grin of childlike wonder and awe.
              Scully's face is turned towards the snow, too tired to move, as Mulder
              says, almost along with the audience ...]

              MULDER: Scully, you have to see this!

              [It's quiet, it's barely a mutter above a whisper, but Scully DOES say,
              "I see it." Spent from exhaustion, Mulder drops his head into the snow
              and Scully scoots her body over to cover him from the freezing cold.
              The camera pans back to show two lone figures perched alone on the
              edge of the crater left by the departing spaceship.]

              Washington DC OPR

              CASSIDY: In light report on these findings and in light of the narrative
              I am now hearing, my official report is incomplete--pending these new
              facts I'm being asked to reconcile. Agent Scully, though there is
              now direct evidence that a federal agent MAY have been involved in
              the bombing, the other events you've laid down here are too incredible
              on their own, and quite frankly implausible in their connections.

              SCULLY: What is it you find incredible?

              CASSIDY: Well, where would you like me to start? So many of the
              events described in your report defy belief. Antarctica is a LONG way
              from Dallas, Texas, Agent Scully. I-- I can't very well submit a report
              to the Attorney General that alleges the links you've made here. Bees
              and corn crops do not quite fit under the rubric of domestic terrorism.

              SCULLY: No, they don't.

              CASSIDY: Most of what I find in here is lacking a coherent picture of
              ANY organization with an attributible motive. I realize that the ordeal
              you've endured has clearly affected you. But the holes in your account
              leave this panel no choice but to delete these references to our final
              report to the Justice Department--until which time hard evidence
              becomes available that would give us cause to pursue such an

              [SCULLY walks over to her and hands her the vial containing the bee
              found in Mulder's hallway.]

              SCULLY: I don't believe the FBI currently has an investigative unit
              qualified to pursue the evidence in hand.

              The Capital Mall

              [SCULLY finds MULDER sitting on a bench by the reflecting pool
              reading a newspaper.]

              MULDER: There's an interesting work of fiction on page 24.
              Mysteriously, our names have been omitted. They're burying this
              thing, Scully. They're just going to dig a new hole and cover it up.

              SCULLY: I told OPR everything I know. What I experienced, the virus,
              how it's spread by the bees from pollen in transgenic crops.

              MULDER: You're wasting your time, Scully. They'll never believe you,
              not unless your story can be programmed, categorized, or easily

              SCULLY: Then we'll go over their heads.

              MULDER: No. No. How many times have we been here before, Scully?
              Right here. So close to the truth and now with what we've seen and
              what we know to be right back at the beginning with nothing.

              SCULLY: This is different, Mulder.

              MULDER: No it isn't. You were right to want to quit. You were right
              to want to leave me. You should get as far away from me as you can!
              I'm not going to watch you die, Scully, because of some hollow
              personal cause of mine. Go be a doctor. Go be a doctor while you
              still can.

              SCULLY: I can't. I won't. Mulder, I'll be a doctor, but my work is here
              with you now. That virus that I was exposed to, whatever it is, it has
              a cure. You held it in your hand. How many other lives can we save?
              Look. If I quit now, they win.

              [MULDER gets up, SCULLY takes his hand and they walk off.]

              Foum Tataouine, Tunisia

              [TD NOTE: At some point during the next scene, we see a white
              tanker truck with the name "Nature's Best Corn Oil" written on the

              [A helicopter arrives by a cornfield in the desert, CSM gets out and
              walks over to STRUGHOLD.]

              STRUGHOLD: You look hot and miserable. Why have you traveled
              all this way?

              CSM: We have business to discuss.

              STRUGHOLD: We have regular channels.

              CSM: This involves Mulder.

              STRUGHOLD: Ah. That name, again and again.

              CSM: He's seen more than he should have.

              STRUGHOLD: What has he seen? Of the whole he has seen but

              CSM: He's determined now. Reinvested.

              STRUGHOLD: He is but one man. One man alone cannot fight
              the future.

              CSM: Yesterday, I received this.

              Telegram reads:

              The X-Files

              US Release Date: June 19, 1998

              Screenplay: Chris Carter
              Story by Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz
              Director: Rob Bowman

              A 20th Century Fox release of a Ten Thirteen Production

              Produced by Chris Carter and Daniel Sackheim
              Executive Producer: Lata Ryan
              Coproducer: Frank Spotnitz
              Associate producer: Mary Astadounian
              Assistant Director: Josh McLaglen
              Camera (Deluxe color, Panavision widescreen): Ward Russell
              Editor: Stephen Mark
              Music: Mark Snow
              Production Designer: Christopher Nowak
              Art Directors: Gregory Bolton and Hugo Santiago
              Set Decorator: Jackie Carr
              Costume Designer: Marlene Stewart
              Sound (Dolby digital): Geoffrey Patterson
              Special Makeup Effects: Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff Jr.
              Visual Effects Supervisor: Mat Beck
              Special Effects Coordinator: Paul Lombardi

              David Duchovny as Special Agent Fox Mulder
              Gillian Anderson as Special Agent Dana Scully

              Guest Cast:
              Martin Landau as Dr. Alvin Kurtzweil
              Armin Mueller-Stahl as Conrad Strughold
              Blythe Danner as Assistant Director Jana Cassidy
              William B. Davis as Cancer Man
              John Neville as The Well-Manicured Man
              Mitch Pileggi as Assistant Director Walter Skinner
              Jeffrey DeMunn as Dr. Ben Bronschweig
              Terry O'Quinn as Darius Michaud
              Glenne Headly as Barmaid
              Lucas Black as Stevie
              Gary Grubbs as Fire Chief
              Dean Haglund as Langly
              Bruce Harwood as Byers
              Tom Braidwood as Frohike