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Fairuza Balk
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Most of you pobubly dont reconize the name.
the charactor that most people know her for is Nancey in the movie "The Craft"
She is a very good actress and i thought she deserves some credit.

"As I was being born my father claims that he was
            playing his fiddle/violin to soothe my mother and when
            my head came out he says that I looked right into his
            eyes and that my eyes were the color of electric
            turquoise and in Persian the word for turquoise is
            Fairuza,it also means Sacred or Precious one....don't
            ask me....." Ru

            Birthdate: May 21, 1974

            Favorite Bands: "I love The Germs, The Dead
            Kennedys, Black Flag, Circle Jerks. They are all pretty
            much old school but they're still great, I am a die hard
            Ministry devotee as well as Frontline Assembly, Front
            242, I used to be really into industrial but lately not as
            much, right now in terms of new bands....Butter8,
            Radiohead, Blur, I basically love almost all music, it all
            has it's place somewhere you know? I like many
            different kinds of music not just rock and punk and stuff
            but also a lot of ethnic stuff. Also I think that a lot of
            young people don't realize the importance and
            greatness of a lot of classical, after all that's where
            most music comes from right?!"

            Pets: (cats) MoMo, Scout, Oscar, Sweetpea Poteet
            Tennessee, and Mouse.

            :(1)Her first tattoo is on her stomach low down just
            above and to the right of her "family jewels," and is of a
            crescent moon with a face. She got it at 13 to
            commemorate her dedication to the moon, who she
            has always felt a great kinship with, that of a sister,
            guide or mother almost. (2)Second was a sun that she
            got directly opposite her little moon because she feels
            what is existence without polarity. She got it all done
            without even knowing the literary or traditional
            significance of the two. (3)Her third tattoo was on her
            left hip, which is a heart encircled with thorns that is
            winged and at the top is the goddess symbol of the full
            moon (dark) with the two crescents on either side and
            a wall of fire behind it (one of her favorites). (4)Her
            fourth tattoo, which she got when she was young, is an
            anarchy symbol with the radioactive symbol around it,
            and has since been massively transformed into Lillies
            with a pentagram in the middle of really quite delicate
            tribal blackwork. (5)The fifth tattoo is the one on her
            lower back which is Sanskrit for Om mane padme hum
            which is in part a dedication to her mother who had her
            christened a Tibetan bhuddist and also because of the
            meaning of the word. (6)The sixth tattoo is the band on
            her right arm which is a design of hooks that go in and
            out of her arm in a kind of art deco pattern. (7)The
            seventh tattoo is the Blue Triangle outlined by black
            which is the sign the the nazi's put as patches onto the
            clothes of the gypsies in the war camp and she got it
            to commemorate her heritage. (8)Her eighth tattoo is
            two cats with intertwined tails on the back of her
            shoulder to commemorate her two babies who sadly
            left this earth this last year. (9)And finally, her ninth
            tattoo, is on her ankle and is Chinese script for the
            year of the tiger which is her Chinese astrological birth
            year and the script for the spirit of the heart.

            Fairuza loves to play piano and guitar, her main
            enjoyment is singing.

            Nickname: Ru

            Favorite authors (to name a few): William Burroughs,
            James Joyce, Isabelle Allende, Michael Bulgakov,
            Jung, Oscar Wilde, and recently Ernest Hemingway
            and Balzac.

            Favorite Artists: H.R. Giger, Egon Schiele, Gustav
            Klimt, Vargas, Rousseau.

            She loves to dance.

            Fairuza DOES own Panpipes Magickal Marketplace.

            About the Sandman Movie: "I have been in contact with
            Neil Gamasn who wrote and created the Sandman
            comics and the project has been in the works for a few
            years now and still hasn't been green lit yet but I'm still
            hoping. I am a huge fan of them, but he asked me if I
            would play death and I replied that I would be very
            honored so who knows? I'm keeping my fingers

            Breast Implants: "I hate them. I think they're evil. Just
            imagine if anyone ever tried to exhume your body in 20
            years all that they would find is a pile of dust and two
            bags of plastic saline/silicone...gross."

            Favorite Movie: Breaking The Waves