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Gillian Anderson
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This girl kix ass!!
She is a awesome actress as you can see from a few of her movies.
She plays Agent Dana Katherine Scully on "The X-Files"
This page will have different stuff about her.

Gillian Anderson (Biography)

                   When actress Gillian Anderson landed the role of Agent Scully for the Fox
                   television series X-Files (1993--present) she could not have forseen that
                   within two years she would become an internationally known cult
                   phenomenon. She was born in Chicago, but moved to London at age two
                   and remained there until she was in her early teens. She and her family then
                   moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan where she rebelliously got heavily into the
                   punk rock scene complete with spiky, brilliantly colored hair and body
                   piercings with safety pins. When she was fourteen, she became romantically
                   involved with a twenty year old punk singer and occasionally sang in his
                   band. Her punk period lasted through high school. Following graduation, she
                   got involved in local theater and from there studied fine arts at the Goodman
                   Theater School of Drama at Chicago's DePaul University. Following
                   graduation, she moved to New York where she waited tables and appeared
                   in off-Broadway plays, most notably in Absent Friends, a starring role
                   which won her a Theatre World Award. Anderson made her film debut in
                   1992 with the low-budget drama The Turning. She then appeared in a
                   theatrical production of The Philanthropist and after that moved to Los
                   Angeles. Though she was frequently courted for television roles, Anderson
                   disdained the medium until the X-Files audition came along. Though the
                   producers were looking for a brainy version of a Baywatch girl, the beautiful
                   but more natural looking (having long passed her outrageous days) Anderson
                   got the role thanks to the insistence of the show's creator Chris Carter. The
                   show became a smash hit within two seasons and Anderson has found herself
                   an international star as did her co-star David Duchovny, the subject of
                   numerous pages on the Internet, and the recipient of such awards as a
                   Golden Globe, an Emmy and a Screen Actors Guild Award. In addition to
                   continuing work on the X-Files, Anderson has hosted a couple of television
                   specials, including More Secrets of the X-Files and the BBC documentary
                   series Future Fantastic. She has also lent her voice as a documentary
                   narrator on Spies Above and as a guest character on the television series
                   The Simpsons and Reboot. -- Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide

Gillian Anderson (Partial Filmography)


                        Playing By Heart (1999)
                        Princess Mononoke (1999)
                        Chicago Cab (1998)
                        The X-Files: Fight the Future (1998)


                        Future Fantastic - Vol. 1 (1998)


                        Spies Above: Someone Is Watching You


                        The X-Files Boxed Set - V. 3
                        The X-Files Boxed Set - V. 4
                        X-Files, The: Colony/End Game
                        X-Files, The: Humbug/Anasazi
                        X-Files, The: Irresistible/Die Hand Die Verletzt
                        X-Files, The: Squeeze/Tooms
                        Hellcab (1999)
                        The Mighty (1998)
                        Playing By Heart (1998)
                        X-Files Movie, The: Fight the Future (1998)
                        The X-Files Movie: Fight the Future (1998)
                        The X-Files Boxed Set - V. 8 (1997)
                        X-Files, The: Leonard Betts/ Memento Mori (1997)
                        X-Files, The: Small Potatoes/ Gethsemane (1997)
                        X-Files, The: Tempus Fugit/ Max (1997)
                        The X-Files Boxed Set - V. 1 (1996)
                        The X-Files Boxed Set - V. 6 (1996)
                        The X-Files Boxed Set - V. 7 (1996)
                        X-Files, The: Ascension/One Breath (1996)
                        X-Files, The: Herrenvolk/ Home (1996)
                        X-Files, The: Little Green Men/The Host (1996)
                        X-Files, The: Piper Maru/Apocrypha (1996)
                        X-Files, The: Pusher/Jose Chung's "From Outer Space" (1996)
                        X-Files, The: Sleepless/Duane Barry (1996)
                        X-Files, The: Tunguska/ Terma (1996)
                        X-Files, The: Unruhe/ Paper Hearts (1996)
                        X-Files, The: Wetwired/Talitha Cumi (1996)
                        The X-Files Boxed Set - V. 5 (1995)
                        X-Files, The: Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose/War of the
                        Coprophages (1995)
                        X-Files, The: Nisei/731 (1995)
                        X-Files, The: The Blessing Way/Paper Clip (1995)
                        The X-Files Boxed Set - V. 2 (1994)
                        X-Files, The: Beyond the Sea/E.B.E. (1994)
                        X-Files, The: Darkness Falls/The Erlenmeyer Flask (1994)
                        X-Files, The: Darkness Falls/The Erlenmyer Flask (1994)
                        The X-Files Season 1 Gift Pack (1993)
                        X-Files, The: Conduit/Ice (1993)
                        X-Files, The: Fallen Angel/Eve (1993)
                        X-Files, The: Pilot/Deep Throat (1993)
                        The Turning (1992)

Hal and Gillian Anderson

The city shimmers above me
               In a thousand points of light
               And above it in the stars,
               countless in numbers
               But some kind of illion maybe

               Atom by atom molecular beings
               Transport me away
               to the place of my dreams
               A point in space where time is still
               Colliding worlds in limbo until

               The melting of minds
               a cerebral mesh
               A union of liquid and virtual flesh

               Automatan love, your caresses pneumatic
               I'm a slave to your touch,
               my response automatic
               The circuits burn out
               and the paradigms shift
      emotions drift

Clarity fades and my faculties haze
               Deep down traumas hound me for days

               Your reasons are noble
               A quintessence of lust
               In the arms of angels
               My dreams turns to dust


               I...don't want to hear about the future
               I want to see it
               I want to feel it
               I want to taste it

               (Spoken, male voice)
               There's a tendency to believe
               that the darkness brings about
               the fear in one,
               But I've really found peace
               in the darkness
               The trouble begins in the light
               when you come around Man
               (Spoken, Gillian's voice)