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Who is Moby?

  Moby (aka Richard Melville Hall) is cool and
   pleasant musician from Usa and he right now
lives at New York.He used to release techno and
other dance stuff ,but he lost his interrest to
  dance music and started to do some very hard
    rock and punk.He is vegan, animal rights
   activist and quasi-christian. He also uses
    pseudonyms like: Dj Cake, Lopez, Roberto
  Sorrenti, Julie Sorrenti and Voodoo Child. He
   also had own label Trophy Records, but his
commercial products come from Elektra (at Usa),
   Mute (at Europe) or Trophy Records (His own
  label.He releases some weird techno stuff on


1) Honey
2) Find My Baby
3) Porcelain
4) Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad
5) South Side
6) Rushing
7) Bodyrock
8) Natural Blues
9) Machete
10) 7
11) Run On
12) Down Slow
13) If Things Were Perfect
14) Everloving
15) Inside
16) Guitar, Flute & String
17) The Sky is Broken
18) My Weakness

Basic facts.

Born New York City 11.9-1965.
Raised in Darien, Connecticut.
Began studying music 1976.
Played hardcore punk w/ vatican commandoe in high school.
Started dj'ing in 1984.
Lived in a semi-abandoned factory in stamford, ct for 3
Moved to nyc in 1989.
Solo debut: Times Up (under the name The Brotherhood)
Old pseudnyms:
Moby (of course)
Voodoo Child (still uses it today)
Pseudomyms right now:
Dj cake
Mario (?)
Moby (of course)
Roberto Sorrenti
Voodoo Child
Moby since:His father said to Moby's mother that Richard is
too long name for so small baby so he started to call him as



                            from the album Play

      when my honey comes back, sometimes
      i'm gonna rap that jack, sometimes
      get a hump in my back, sometimes
      i'm going over here, sometimes

      way down yonder, sometimes
      gonna get my pal, sometimes


In my dreams I'm dying all the time
      As I wake its kaleidoscopic mind
      I never meant to hurt you
      I never meant to lie
      So this is goodbye
      This is goodbye

      Tell the truth you never wanted me
      Tell me

      In my dreams I'm jealous all the time
      As I wake I'm going out of my mind
      Going out of my mind

Why Does My Heart Feel So

                            from the album Play

      Why does my heart
      Feel so bad?
      Why does my soul
      Feel so bad?

      These open doors

South Side

                            from the album Play

      see myself in the pouring home
      see the light come over now
      see myself in the pouring rain
      i watch hope come over me

      here we are now, going to the east side
      i pick up my friends and we start to ride
      ride all night, we ride all day
      some may come and some may stay

      here we are in the pouring home
      i watch the light man fall the comb
      i watch a light move across the screen
      i watch the light come over me

      here we are now going to the west side
      weapons in hand as we go for a ride
      some may come and some may stay
      watching out for a sunny day where there's

      love and darkness and my sidearm
      hey, elan

      here we are now going to the north side
      i look at my friends as they start to ride
      ride at night we ride all day
      looking out for a sunny day

      here we are now going to the south side
      i pick up my friends and we hope we won't die
      ride at night, ride through heaven and hell
      come back and feel so well.

Natural Blues

                            from the album Play

      oh lordy, trouble so hard
      oh lordy, trouble so hard,
      don't nobody know my troubles but God
      don't nobody know my troubles but God

      went down the hill, the other day
      my soul got happy and stayed all day

      oh lordy...

      went in the room, didn't stay long,
      looked on the bed and brother was dead

      oh lordy...


                            from the album Play

      yesterday i felt so cold, i felt like i could die
      took the needles from my arms and put them to the sky
      watched the cold come take me pull me down like i did know
      i saw it gone

      hold myself up til tomorrow holds me down again
      feel the darkness coming over see how it begins
      come with me into the willow garden out tonight
      feel the darkness come my moon will touch you with its light

      help me life was over love i want to had you in my sights
      see and i was overlooked i had you in my hands
      like a lid of no survivors nothing i don't mind
      help me broken baby help me break you with my mind.

Run On

                            from the album Play

      Lord God Almighty let me tell the news
      my head got wet in midnight dew
      great God i been down on my bended knees
      talking to a man from galilee
      michael spoke and he sound so sweet
      i thought i heard the shuffle of angels' feet
      He put one hand upon my head
      great God Almighty let me tell you what He said

      go tell that lonesome liar
      go tell that midnight rider  [???]
      tell the gamblin', ramblin' backslider
      tell them God Almighty gonna cut 'em down

      you might run on for a long time
      run on, ducking and dodging
      run on, children [?], for a long time
      let me tell you God Almighty gonna cut you down

      you might throw your rock [?], hide your head
      work in the dark with your fellow men
      sure as God made you rich and poor
      you're gonna reap just what you sow

      [chorus] x3

      some people go to church just to signify
      trying to make a date with a neighbor's wife
      brother let me tell you just as sure as you're born
      you better leave that woman alone

      [chorus] x8

f Things Were Perfect

                            from the album Play

      [sample: "give me summer"] x2

      [sample: "give me summer"] x2

      broken darkness my cold end
      i look for places i've never seen
      nothing moves but the quiet on the street
      now I open my eyes to this
      isolated walking long hard hours
      winter cold just brings me winter showers
      it's so brutal with the cold sky
      wrapped in cold    late at night

      [sample: "give me summer"] x2

      come clean, there's no sun yet
      the only lights here are made
      i can't speak, i can't hear, but i know i'm real
      there's no warm here anyway
      the darkest lights before the dawn
      you remember the sun but it sank
      in the water that eats the light
      wrapped in cold    late at night

      [sample: "give me summer"] x2

      i open my eyes, it's cold
      the only souls go by
      lift the bridge out of the water
      the stone black light
      living is easy when it's night
      the cold has covered the rain
      i can see forever, to the deep
      wrapped in cold, late at night

      [sample: "give me summer"] x4

The Sky Is Broken

                            from the album Play

      see the storm is broken
      in the middle of the night
      nothing left here for me
      it's washed away
      the rain pushes
      the buildings aside
      the sky turns black
      the sky
      wash it far
      push it out to sea
      there's nothing left here
      for me
      i watch it lift up to the sky
      i watch it crush me
      and then i   die

      speak to me baby
      in the middle of the night
      pull your mouth
      close to mine
      i can see the wind coming down
      like black night
      so speak to me
      like the winds outside
      it's broken up, pushing us
      hear the rain fall
      see the wind come to my eyes
      see the storm broken
      now nothing
      speak to me baby
      in the middle of the night
      speak to me
      hold your mouth to mine
      'cause the sky is breaking
      it's deeper than love
      i know the way you feel
      like the rains outside
      speak to me